5 Beautiful Offices Furnished on the Cheap

Want to create an awesome office environment on a tight budget? In today’s world of environmental awareness, it’s now easier than ever to find innovative ideas for using reused and recycled furniture in offices. It’s also super trendy. Check out these 5 examples of beautiful offices furnished on the cheap and discover how you can purchase similar furniture for your office.
retro office

1. A Retro Vibe

Have a large workspace you want to make a little cozier? Follow the lead of this Brazilian workplace by using vibrant tiles and accents in the break room and other high traffic=office areas. Retro, reclaimed and reused items were used in this office remodel to minimize price while maximizing character. Create a blend between eclectic and professional by mixing used office furniture with vintage décor.

2. Cozy, Yet Modern

19999captureA little spray paint was all it took to create a cozy, yet modern vibe in the Gummo Advertising Agency workplace. A gray palette was predominant throughout the workplace remodel, yet the dark color worked to warm up the environment rather than making it feel closed in. Save on the cost of a remodel by purchasing used commercial furniture and then resurface or paint the furniture to match your new color palette.

3. Go Bold and Green

green office spaceExpensive wall art isn’t necessary when redecorating your corporate office. Instead, hang house plants at strategic and interesting points throughout the office to serve as green, inexpensive décor. A blend of repurposed furniture, local art and plants at this Green Spaces workplace achieved a bold and green effect. Worried about employees with allergies? Select non-blooming plants to hang in the office and avoid the sneezes.

4. Be Innovative

drawerment2Tired of the stuffy office look caused by old filing cabinets? Create a more modern space by blending old wooden filing cabinet drawers with contemporary holdings, similar to this Demakersvan example.

While this example is ultra-modern, you can tone up a conservative edge by constructing a uniform, moveable filing system rather than a stationary, wall-spanning version. Similar examples have been made from old suitcases and reclaimed wood.

5. Reclaim Your Office

Reclaimed wood is the latest office trend, and it’s super cheap, making it a win-win for business owners on a budget. Need new desks in your work space? Follow the lead of this New York home office by constructing your desktops out of old wood — the more scratches and imperfections, the better. Then, pair the desktops with inexpensive used office furniture for a complete, budget-friendly remodel.

Reclaimed wood can also be used for break room countertops, bathroom vanity toppers and wall shelves. This decorating trend isn’t only budget-friendly, it also creates a warm work environment that your employees are sure to enjoy.

There are many options available to those looking to furnish their offices at a discount. You just need a back stock of awesome ideas and a place to find great commercial office furniture for low prices. One of the best resources for large corporate projects is Restyle Furniture in Baltimore. We’ve developed a system for furnishing large commercial properties at half the price of new with a combination of used office furniture, remanufactured, and new product. Check out http://www.restyle.com/ for more information.

– James Van Horn (Senior Vice President, Restyle)

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