5 Examples of Creative Decorative Window Films

Window tinting and window films are often associated with industrial purposes, and they’re useful for a wide variety of applications. However, window film can also be a way to express creativity and design your space, whether at home or to create certain effects at the office. Here are five examples of the flexibility and creativity of window films.

#1) Create a Stained Glass Effect

Stained glass is beautiful, but can be expensive to maintain and otherwise might not be right for the building you’re working or living in. Window films allow you to create a beautiful color effect, ranging from classical stained glass to Art Deco, all without having to commission an expensive custom window that will then need to be installed. It can also be used to put a splash of color in otherwise neutral rooms, giving them a brighter feel.

#2) Incorporate Your Windows into Your Room’s Design

Sometimes, however, you don’t want a design to stand out in a room, but you do want it to be consistent. If you want a measure of privacy in a room with windows, you can add that while also making the room closer to your vision of its overall design. Window films can be applied in any number of decorative designs that offer subtlety without overpowering the room. Thanks to modern technology, any pattern you can design, you can apply.

#3) Create Enclosed Spaces Without Sacrificing Light

In some spaces, you’ll have a need for a more private space in a larger, more open area. You may not need patterns, but you’re going to need natural light to brighten the room. That’s where window films come in handy. Instead of installing frosted glass, you can install cheaper and better clear glass, and then apply the films to create spaces within the room itself. It’s a lot more attractive than installing cubicle walls, and lets more natural light into spaces giving it a better look.

#4) Whimsy and Privacy

There’s no limit to what you can do with window films. We like this particular design because it has a wallpaper effect without drawing too much attention to itself, while at the same time giving the user some privacy and plenty of natural light. The design instantly pops, but it doesn’t overwhelm the room and complements other design touches, like the bright green.

#5) Fizzy Design

Of course, nobody says you can’t use window films just to make the home or office look good. This design in particular stands out because it’s complex and eye-catching without being excessively flashy. One problem some designers run into is that the film blocks light coming through the window in patches, making the window difficult to use. This shows a clever design that offers a unique but functional design.

Inspired to install some creative work of your own? Contact Absolute Perfection to look at your tinting needs. Whether it’s adding some unique designs to the windows of your home or applying tint to help you save money on heating and cooling, Absolute Perfection will help you choose the films and apply the design quickly and professionally.

For decorative window film for a home or business in Louisiana, check out Snappy Tint, LLC. They created this awesome frosted glass design for New Orleans Saints star linebacker Curtis Lofton. Decorative window films are perfect for creating custom designs that express your personal style.

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