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Authorized Brands

AP Tinting carries some of the finest window films on the market and confidently stands behind every installation. There is a common misconception that all window films are created equal. Although most films advertise similar benefits, there is a clear difference between quality tint that lasts a lifetime and tint requiring frequent reapplication.

Here at AP Tinting, we work with only the best window film manufacturers including, but not limited to:

FormulaOne Logo

FormulaOne® Auto Tint by LLumar®

FormulaOne® High Performance Auto Tint by LLumar® is engineered by the world’s largest window film manufacturer to provide you and your passengers with the best there is to offer in terms of comfort, protection and style. The FormulaOne auto tint line will significantly reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle while blocking up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays.

This newest window tint technology infused with infrared absorbing properties rejects up to 63 percent of solar heat to enhance your driving experience. And it shields your passengers from more than 99 percent of harmful UV rays* while it helps reduce interior fading and cracking due to UV ray exposure.

Here’s more information on the Stratos Window Tint Series.

Advanced nano-ceramic technology enables the highest possible levels of protection against solar heat, road glare, and UV rays. This film achieves all of this while supporting signal clarity for electronic devices of all types including keyless entry, satellite radio, on-board navigation, smartphones, and tablets.

Here’s more on the Pinnacle Window Tint Series.

An uncompromising combination of color-stable window tint technology and precision installation with options that darken your auto glass from 50-95%. You also get premium-grade optical clarity, scratch resistance, protection from UV rays, heat blocking benefits, and eye-friendly glare reduction.

Here’s more information on the Classic Window Tint Series.

This film is a barely visible, micro-thin layer of nano-ceramic tint technology—without the window-darkening tint. Because this film is barely detectable, this film can even be installed on factory-tinted windows. It’s an optically clear layer which enhances performance without altering your vehicle’s exterior look, or your view of the road.

Here’s more on the AIR Blue Window Film series.

Llumar Logo

LLumar® Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

Keep your vehicle looking its best. LLumar® Paint Protection Film is a high-gloss and virtually invisible shield used to protect your vehicle from road hazards like rocks, debris, winter salt, and sand. The film itself is also resistant to cracks, yellowing, and staining.

For more information, head to our LLumar Self-Healing Paint Protection Film page.

Spectra Photosync Auto Tint

SPECTRA Photosync® Auto Tint by Prestige Film Technologies

Long gone are the days of tint needing to be dark to be effective. Spectra PhotoSync® window film has revolutionized the way the world sees auto tint with a nanotechnology film which adjusts based on how intense the sun is at that moment. This means darker tint when the sun is bright and a lighter tint on cloudy days.

Here’s more information on how the Spectra Photosync Window Film works and the benefits it provides.

Vista Residential and Commercial Window Film Logo

Vista™ Residential and Commercial Window Films by LLumar®

Looking for a way to improve energy efficiency with your windows? Vista window films by LLumar provide you with a smart alternative to window replacement providing top level energy efficiency without breaking the bank. In addition to Vista’s ability to improve energy efficiency, the state of the art window film also reduces UV ray exposure, color fading, and sun glare while improving privacy and protecting against corrosion from salt air.

Here’s more on the Vista Window Film series by LLumar.

C-Bond Systems Glass Protection & Glass Strengthening

For the ultimate safety and security for your glass, choose C-Bond. C-Bond Systems, Inc. is the leader in glass strengthening technology and their adhesive has been scientifically proven to strengthen glass, thus improving your safety.

Here’s more on the C-Bond glass protection system and glass strengthening primer.

3M applied graphics installer

3M DI-NOC Architectural Film

The DI-NOC line of products offers like-real architectural films. So if you’re searching for a way to bring wood, metal, stone, or other similar architectural elements to your interior design, look no further than DI-NOC by 3M. 3M DI-NOC film is also an ideal way to refinish and resurface existing architectural surfaces at a fraction of the cost.

For more information on 3M DI-NOC architectural film, check out our full page.

SolarGard Low E

Solar Gard Window Film by Saint Gobain

Comfort, protection, and appearance—all in one perfect product. The Solar Gard window film offers some of the highest quality window films for flat glass applications available in the business. As part of Solar Gard’s Elite Dealer Network, AP Tinting is your authorized installer of this amazing window film.

Visit the full page for more information on Solar Gard window film and how it can benefit your business.

Casper Cloaking Window Film

Casper cloaking window film is an architectural film which distorts digital screens. Put differently, this film makes it so screens cannot be viewed by someone looking in through the film. This is ideal for businesses where confidentiality is key.

Visit the full page on Casper Cloaking Window Film for more information on how Casper technology works.

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