Absolute Perfection Awards 2015

Each year, Absolute Perfection gives away a few awards to employees that demonstrate admirable talent, dedication, and growth throughout the year. The success of any company always comes back to its employees. With a company culture that starts and ends with a happy, motivated team, we take time to recognize employee excellence. This year we would like to recognize Jen Shepherd, Becky Duke, Steve Allia, and Mikala Kennell for their hard work and dedication to Absolute Perfection.

2015 MVP Award Winner – Jen Shepherd

This is the first year that we have given award the MVP Award. Unlike the other awards which are people’s choice, this award recipient is personally chosen by CEO, Bill Valway for their commitment and contribution to the company throughout the year. The MVP Award or the “Most Valuable Person” award recognizes the employee who gives their all for the AP Team and is a tremendous asset to the company as a whole. This person might not always get recognition for all the little things they do, but those little things that may go unnoticed at times make a huge impact on the company’s success and growth. Bill described the MVP as someone the company just couldn’t function without. This person is committed and dedicated to the AP Brand and the MVP award is a symbol of our appreciation and recognition of their efforts.


This year’s MVP Award goes to the most deserving, Jennifer Shepherd. Wearing many hats, Jen is always willing to lend a hand to make sure office life is running smoothly. Although her titles could fall under Office Manager and Architectural Window Film Coordinator, Jen is much more to our team as she helps plan every company events, has the tough task of implementing software application, does billing for all divisions, makes sure we are stocked up on caffeine, and much more. Her efforts add up in a big way and we are so thankful to have had her around for the past 5 and 1/2 years. What would we do without her? We would rather not find out. Jen – Thank you for getting us through another year and cheers to a successful 2016!

2015 AP Award Winner – Becky Duke

The AP Award or the “Always Promoting” award is given to someone who is a constantly promoting the AP name and all that we do. Whether they are at work, out sick, or enjoying their day off, this person is talking about our company. Truly a promoter of Absolute Perfection, this employee is excited to be a part of the team. This is someone that strives for perfection, demonstrates strong performance and impact, and inspires others with their determination and execution of excellence.


For anyone that knows her, there is no doubt that Becky Duke fits this description 100%. It’s almost unfair to any other nominee. Since day one with Absolute Perfection, Becky has promoted the AP name with two AP awards in a row to prove it. Like Jen, Becky started as a receptionist and built a position for herself as an inside sales representative for the automotive products division. This year, there was a void that needed to be filled within the applied graphics division; Becky dove right in, challenging herself and succeeding along the way. Becky is as proud as they come and any successful company needs employees like her. Becky – You’re a huge part of Absolute Perfection and we’re lucky to have a promoter like you!

2015 Striving For Perfection Award Winner – Steve Allia

The Striving for Perfection Award goes to someone who is always working on improving themselves and those around them. They have passion, dedication, and a constant thirst for knowledge. Putting in the extra hours and happy to do so, this employee is devoted to Absolute Perfection. Work ethic is ingrained in this persons being and you would never hear this person say “That’s not my job”.


Steve Allia, production manager for AP’s Applied Graphics Division, is always striving for perfection and putting in the hours and hard work to prove it. Through extremely difficult industry training courses and countless nights working late, Steve’s dedication shows. This year, Steve stepped up and took ownership of our printing and production process, while seeking ways to improve wherever we could. Not only does Steve work on personal improvements, but he takes note of anything he can personally effect with his contribution and puts in the effort to do so. His efforts aim to set our high level of quality apart from the rest. Steve – Thank you for all of your hard work this year!

2015 Builder Award Winner – Mikala Kennell

This is a special award for the AP Teammate that radiates energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement. No matter what, you can count on this person to get the job done. They’re always motivating and pushing our team to be their best while seeking ways to improve AP in any way, shape, or form. This person looks out for their team and is always willing to lend a helping hand.


This year’s Builder Award goes to Mikala Kennell! While balancing a full course-load at the University of Baltimore, Mikala has proved that she can do it all. As the backbone of the Media division, Mikala is the epitome of a dedicated, hard-working individual. Her enthusiasm is contagious and you can tell a difference in the office when she’s there. Mikala takes ownership in the growth of the company while doing everything she can to help AP Media achieve its big, hairy, audacious goals. One of the reasons Bill likes marketing people so much is because they exuberate excitement, enthusiasm, and most of all passion. Mikala comes ready with a plethora of great ideas and is never shy to share them with the team. Mikala – Thank you for being the highly motivated work-horse you are and making everyone else around you better.

Congratulations to all of our Absolute Perfection Awards 2015 recipients!

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