AP Corp Named 2018 Ecolux Top Performer

AP Tinting Ecolux window film top performer

AP Tinting, a division of AP Corp, was recently named the Ecolux Top Performer for the 2018 calendar year. This award was presented at the 2019 Panorama Dealer Meeting held March 2nd and 3rd at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

The 2019 Dealer Meeting was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with our peers in the window film. These moments allow the industry, as a whole, to learn from each other and raise each other up. A few event highlights included workshops focused on school safety and security film as well as improvements in digital instrumentation tools.

Another major highlight of the 2019 Panorama Dealer Meeting—especially for AP Corp—was the awards ceremony. AP Corp was truly honored and humbled to receive the 2018 Ecolux™ Top Performer award.

“This was the first SolarGard Panorama Elite Dealer Meeting I have attended. I was truly impressed with the leve of talent and industry knowledge of the the collective dealers,” said Bill Valway, CEO of AP Corp. “It’s a great way for AP Tinting, a division of AP Corp,  to benchmark ourselves against the industry. To see how the window film industry is developing and find ways to bring these improvements to our customers and even improve on those developments. This year was a unique honor for AP Tinting due to the award we received—and I’m truly humbled at the recognition and proud of the work our employees put in every day here at AP Corp.”

The Ecolux™ product is Solar Gard’s most advanced product and provides year-round comfort. For AP Tinting, it’s just such a great product to show to our clients because Ecolux offers the best results in terms of temperature control, energy savings, and UV blocking. Here’s one of our 2018 projects which showcases our process as well as the Ecolux product.

About AP Corp

Headquartered in Sykesville, MD, Absolute Perfection Incorporated (AP Corp) owns three divisions: AP Tinting, AP Graphics, and AP Digital. While being headquartered in the DMV area, AP Corp operates nationwide with multiple physical locations serving a variety of top-quality applied graphics and window tinting services for businesses and consumers.

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