Solar Window Film Baltimore, MD

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Shield your building from heat, sun glare, and UV rays with solar window film in Baltimore, MD.

Filter the sunlight so you can have natural light without all the bad. What bad parts are we talking about? Well for starters, UV rays can cause skin damage and even cancer in humans as well as lead to premature fading of your furniture, flooring, and upholstery. Sunlight also heats up rooms to a point where they can become unusable at certain times of day.

Beyond filtering out these types of sun radiation, solar window film also blocks out annoying sun glare, improves interior temperature control, and adds privacy and style to your building. You can enjoy natural light without all the dangerous side effects.

Exceeding the Expectation is the Expectation

At AP Tinting we are committing to delivering you the quality installation you want and deserve. Where some companies focus on the lowest price or the fastest installation—we focus on quality. If you want a product that solves your problem and lasts for many years, we can help.

In fact, it is our expectation of every employee that they exceed your expectations. We believe if you receive anything less than Absolute Perfection (that’s what the AP in AP Tinting stands for) then we have failed you.

A look at some of our most recent solar window film projects…

3M Certified Solar Window Film Baltimore, MD

Having confidence in your service provider’s ability is huge. In most instances, this means certifications. Within the window film industry, the most prestigious certifications you can get are the ones offered by 3M. If you can find a company with at least one of these certifications your project will be in good hands. Here at AP Tinting, we have all of the available industry certifications making us the most certified solar window film company in Baltimore, MD.

Maryland window tint Certifications C Bond Formula One Solar Gard Vista CoolVu 3M Designtex Ceramic Pro Llumar

Our Worry-free Guarantee

We want you to be able to make your decision without any regrets. This is why, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty (which covers product defects) AP also offers a worry-free guarantee. This means if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will do everything to make it right.

Maryland Residential Window Tint

What our customers have to say about us.

“Absolute Perfection’s work was phenomenal. They took pride in their work, cleaned up after themselves. and finished in a timely manner. The end results were great. They did window they did indoor window treatments to help cut down on UV rays and it also helps with insulation and heating and cooling. They deserve a straight-A grade – they’re great.”


“Fantastic experience. Seamless and efficient. The installers were quiet, clean and worked well together. Robert Croft is very knowledgeable about the product and doesn’t pressure you to sign a contract. They installed film in our home. If you are considering this service, you would do well to contact AP Tinting. I totally recommend this company!”


“Had them do my windows as well as the headlights and taillights on my car. Absolutely love their work! We mainly dealt with Kate and Justin and they are both very pleasant and very helpful. Outstanding customer service and outstanding work! I plan to have more graphics put on my car and will definitely go here again. I tell everyone I know to use this company. I highly recommend Absolute Perfection!”


“Thanks so much to all those at Absolute Perfection, for an absolutely perfect tinting job! I was so impressed with the whole operation from start to finish. The facility is spotless. There is a range of products, all high-quality, to choose from. The staff just made me feel welcome and at home and answered all my questions. I will certainly be passing their information on!”


“They were great. They worked clean, they were professional, and they were pleasant. I chose Absolute Perfection because they got back to me faster than other companies did, and I really liked their products. I would recommend them for other businesses in my area.”


Tell us about your project!

Don’t be afraid to tell us about your timeline and budget. We are straightforward about our products and pricing and knowing where you are coming from helps us hit the target.