Baltimore Visitor Center Finds Creative Solution with Window Film

Big, bright windows are a great way to bring in natural light—but they come at a cost. Windows aren’t great insulators which means warm air can easily pass through when you least want it. This can rack up heating and cooling costs in the summer and winter months forcing business owners and property managers to look for creative solutions to this problem.

This is the issue the Baltimore Visitor Center in the Inner Harbor came to us with. They needed to reduce their heating and cooling costs and they wanted it done with minimal visibility reduction. So what was the solution to this problem? The answer, is an innovative product called SolarGard’s Ecolux Low-e film.

What is SolarGard Ecolux Low-e film?

The SolarGard Ecolux Low-e film is an insulating window film safely applied directly to your current windows without affecting visibility. Ecolux Low-e film was created when SolarGard saw a need for year-round comfort. They wanted a film that prevents heat from escaping out through the windows in winter while also limiting the amount of the heat entering in the summer.

How Can a Window Film Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs?

The technology behind Ecolux Low-e film keeps out 52% of the sun’s energy and 68% of natural light. This means less penetrating light in the summer which heats up your building. Similarly, the film provides a barrier which limits the amount of radiant heat escaping out the window when you need it the most in the winter. All of this helps to put less of a burden on your HVAC system.

The Baltimore Visitor Center’s Unique Windows and Location

For most of our commercial window tinting clients in downtown cities we see lots of windows. It’s very commonplace, but then there are those buildings which seem like they are ALL window—that is what the Baltimore Visitor Center is like.

Most people have seen the Baltimore Visitor Center if they have traveled along the Inner Harbor before. The building has an iconic shape, see-through design, and central location to the harbor. In fact, this location is one reason they were in such need of a commercial window tinting system as they aren’t shaded by any other neighboring buildings.

Retaining Baltimore’s Iconic Inner Harbor View

So while saving money on heating and cooling costs is important, it’s all for nothing if the view is lost. This was a major sticking point for the Baltimore Visitor Center as their view overlooks the beautiful Baltimore Inner Harbor. The Ecolux Low-E film line from SolarGard not only offers amazing cost savings, but it does so without limiting the visibility out the windows.

In fact, with a commercial window film installation, the view improves and is safer as well! It’s like the difference between a sunny day and a sunny day looking through a pair of quality sunglasses. This is because the film itself blocks up to 99% of UV rays.

The Other, Hidden Benefits of Commercial Window Tint

In addition to offering cost savings in temperature control, window film provides some added benefits you might want to consider for your commercial property:

  • UV blockers protect people from damaging UV rays.
  • Reduces fading of furniture exposed to constant light.
  • Enhances the style of your building.
  • Reduces glare and painful eye strain in your office space.
  • Can help with LEED building credits.
  • Increased employee happiness and productivity.
  • And more!

How Could Your Business Benefit from Window Film?

Window films are a prefect way for every business to help increase overall efficiency in their office. The Baltimore Visitor Center in the Inner Harbor is just one example of how this amazing product can help a business meet (and exceed) their window’s needs.

If you’re interested in hearing more about SolarGard Ecolux Low-e film, get in touch with Absolute Perfection today. We can discuss what you’re looking for in a window film, provide an estimate of what your solution would cost, and then go from there! Give us a call today at (888) 481-8468 or fill out the form on our website, and let’s get started!

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