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Bird Window Film

Is your building the source of bird window collisions because of highly reflective windows? Bird window film can help.

Birds’ vision lack the perception that allows them to differentiate a window from the sky or open space. As the number of large corporate buildings made up of mostly windows increases, the more birds are going to be affected.

Fritted Films

Fritted window films come from the idea of fritted glass, which is the process of embedding lines, patterns, or dots within the glass to help birds see windows as windows and not open space. Fritted glass replaces the original glass and can be very costly if multiple windows are needed to be replaced. Unlike fritted glass, fritted window films can be installed on existing windows to leave a customized pattern visible to birds.

The most cost-effective strategy to prevent bird window collisions is retrofitting your windows with fritted film. The pattern helps to alert birds that the reflective window is not open space to fly into.


bird fritted window-film-dotted


bird fritted window-film-horizontal


bird fritted window-film-vertical

Installation of Bird Film for Windows

Fritted film is easy to install and can be customized to your liking. The film can be cleaned as usual and can also be removed if desired. Unlike fritted glass, the window film patterns are applied to the window and then the film is removed, leaving the striped or dotted frit behind.

Duke University ciemas bird window film

CIEMAS Building at Duke University. Photo: Alex Deckey

In the News

Recently, Duke University has made efforts to fight the reoccurring problem of birds flying into their CIEMAS building windows and falling to their death on campus. After conclusive data was collected by the Bird Window Collision Project, fritted window film was installed on the upper-level windows to deter birds from seeing the windows as open space.

Newer buildings have been fritted during construction to continue the battle and help save even more birds as migration periods come and go.

Bird conservation groups such as the American Bird Conservancy, have been fighting to persuade contractors and architects to help combat the issue of bird window collisions, but aren’t always successful.

Do your part and retrofit your building with fritted window film!

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