Ceramic Pro Protective Vehicle Coatings

Protect Your Vehicle From Contamination With Nano-Technology.

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Ceramic Pro offers relentless protection against all the elements your vehicle faces on the road. Here at AP Tinting, we are a ceramic-pro certified installer with the experience and attention to detail to apply this amazing product to your vehicle.

So whether you’re looking to protect your brand new paint job from the elements, or you’d like to add some interior protection against UV rays, Ceramic Pro is the ideal solution.

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“Customer service was GREAT, they were very accommodating around my schedules and it turned out great!”

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How Does a Ceramic Vehicle Coating Work?

Every surface has imperfections. This is just the nature of the materials used on vehicles: paint, glass, interior upholstery, etc. Ceramic Pro’s ceramic coating product harnesses a nano-technology that uses the tiny imperfections in these materials as hand-holds. It binds to these imperfections and smooths out the surface.

This nano-ceramic coated surface is so smooth it is classified as hydrophobic. A hydrophobic surface is so smooth that, at a molecular level, water cannot even find something to hang on to. This leads to better protection against the elements and a cleaner look.

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