Vista Window Film by LLumar

The smart, stylish alternative to a window replacement

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Don’t trust the appearance of your building to just anyone. Here at AP Tinting, we offer the highest level of customer service and installation quality at a fair and honest price.

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“I just had Absolute Perfection install the Vista UV window tinting on a all of the windows on my home. The two installers that came out were so polite and easy to work with. I will be happy to refer these guys to anyone who asks!”

Diane V.

“The service was absolutely great. I got all my side windows tinted with the Formula One Pinnacle Series. The shop and staff are very easy going and very informative.”

Richard B.

“Very friendly staff! They did a wonderful job on my Mazda and it looks great. Went with the mid grade Formula One […] Thanks again!”

Joshua L.

The Ideal Solution for All your Building Window Tint Needs

No matter what your issue is, LLumar’s Vista Window film has a perfect solution. So, whether you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy bill year round, or you want to increase home security, Vista film can help.

All of Vista’s window tinting and window film products are produced using the highest quality materials. This ensures a long lasting application you can enjoy for many years.

A Smart Alternative to  Window Replacement

LLumar’s Vista window films are a cost-effective, smart alternative to full window replacement. With the right application, from a trained window film professional, you will have a quick, professional installation at a fraction of the cost of full window replacement.

For a more in-depth look at the window film series offered by Vista, open one of the tabs to the right.

A neutral color and low reflectivity can be achieved with the Ceramic series. This product improves your view, especially at night, and is corrosion resistant making it ideal for coastal installations.

Excellent heat-rejection and energy savings with minimal impact to the look of your windows.

Harnesses the power of metal and ceramic layers to provide premium heat rejection, glare control, and reflectivity. Designed for homes and storefronts with excessive heat and glare problems.

This product provides great energy savings, reflectivity, and excellent views. The blue-grey appearance to this film makes its great for any building, but is commonly used where heat and glare are the main issues.

Rejects heat and saves energy with reduced interior and exterior reflectivity. By not having any strong color tone in this Vista window tint, these films are ideal for those looking for high-visibility.

Low-e stands for “low emissivity” which means this Vista window film prevents temperature transfer through the window. So the inside stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Installed on the outside of a building’s windows, this Vista window film intercepts the sun’s energy before it hits your window. This provides top UV ray filtering, heat reduction, glare filtering, and energy efficiency.

Made with a heavy-duty polyester and bonded to windows using the industry’s strongest adhesive—this Vista film creates a strong, sturdy barrier.

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