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What is C-Bond?

C-Bond is an environmentally friendly, water based nanotechnology designed to strengthen glass, increase glass flexibility and enhance the adhesion of window film products. Your glass surfaces are the most vulnerable points for damage and break-ins in your office or business. The microscopic imperfections in glass cause it to break easily. C-Bond fills in these imperfections, improving the strength and flexibility of the glass.

Benefits of Window Film with C-Bond

C-Bond is paired with window film, meaning that safety and security will be accompanied by the many other benefits that window film can offer. Window film can save your business money by making your windows more energy efficient in both warm and cold weather. You can also make your office space more comfortable for employees and customers by reducing hot spots and glare.

No More Shattered Glass

What makes breaking windows particularly dangerous is the shattered glass that accompanies it. This is especially true during severe weather where glass shards can be thrown a long distance, which can cause injury or worse. With C-Bond and window film the glass will be held in place even when damaged. This is because of the adhesive qualities of window film, which is made even stronger with C-Bond. Instead of shattering violently, your windows will rip and tear, holding their place much longer than unprotected windows.


Thieves and other threatening criminals want to act quickly. Unprotected windows make it easier for a burglar to smash their way into your business. C-Bond has a proven ability to significantly slow down potential criminals. Even with the use of tools such as crow bars or hammers, it will take over two minutes to break through a single small pane of glass. By that point most threats will have fled.

Tested Performance

The C-Bond System has been tested by university scientists and government agencies. It has proven to be in a class of its own when it comes to strengthening glass surfaces. Paired with the right windows, C-Bond has even proven as effective protection from ballistics and explosions.

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