What is C-Bond?

C-Bond is an environmentally friendly, water based nanotechnology designed to strengthen glass, increase glass flexibility and enhance the adhesion of glass-to-window film products. While glass might appear to be perfectly smooth, it is actually full of microscopic imperfections. These imperfections cause glass to be fragile when put under pressure. C-Bond fills in these microscopic imperfections and creates an invisible layer of added protection.

Benefits of Window Film with C-Bond

Window film provides a wide range of benefits for your home. From reducing the damage the sun can do to your home’s interior, to giving you better control of the temperature inside. With C-Bond you will gain an extra layer of powerful protection from the dangers of shattered glass, storm damage, and break-ins.

No More Shattered Glass

No matter how glass is broken it creates a potential safety hazard with its shards. C-Bond’s adhesive property prevents the glass from breaking into thousands of tiny shards. This makes clean up easy and reduces the risk of injury if a window is broken.

Home Security

Traditional windows and glass doors are the weakest point in your home’s security. When window film is paired with C-Bond it secures your home’s glass with a shield of protection. A burglar attempting to break C-Bond reinforced windows will find that even with the help of a tool such as a hammer it will take up to 50 strikes or more to penetrate the glass. This level of protection will deter most criminals from attempting to break into your home.

Reduce Storm Damage

“Stay away from the windows during a severe storm” is something we are reminded of any time the forecast calls for severe weather. It’s good advice too. Glass shards caused by flying debris can be lethal. With C-Bond, the risk of window breakage is greatly reduced during a storm. The risk of glass shards are even lower. When glass is reinforced by C-Bond it loses its tendency to explode or shatter when struck by debris or extreme wind.

Tested Performance

C-Bond has been rigorously tested by university scientists and government agencies and has proven to be alone in its class for increasing the durability and flexibility of glass surfaces. It has even undergone ballistic testing and has been able to withstand explosions and gun shots. The video below shows real tests of the C-Bond system.

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