Can I Get Pulled Over in Maryland for Tinted Windows? 

pulled over in Maryland for tinted windows

If you’re in the market for window film, you may be wondering about tint laws and just how strict they are. A common question we receive is whether cops can stop you solely for window tinteven if there is no other traffic violation. This is a tricky question to answer, and certainly varies state to state. 

How is Window Tint Measured? 

Let’s start with what Maryland’s tint laws say. Window tint in Maryland is determined by the percentage of visible light (VLT) passing through the windows after a film is installed. The lower the VLT %, the less light passing through the glass. A window’s VLT is measured using a tint meter which shines a beam of light through the window.  

What are the Maryland Window Tint Laws? 

The general rule of thumb is that windows cannot be darker than 35% VLT ratingSUVs and vans can have darker tint in the rear, but if you’re not sure, check with your local Maryland auto tinting company. For more information on the specifics of these tinting levels, you can check out our full lists of Maryland window tint laws. Those laws are also outlined in our video below. 

Can A Cop Pull Someone Over Just for Having Dark Tinted Windows? 

Yes. A police office can pull anyone over if they believe that the vehicle’s windows are below the legal limit. As a resident of the state, you are expected to follow the laws of the state you are registered in. That said, the chances of getting pulled over purely for your window tint are slim.  

What Do I Do If I get a Ticket to Fix my Window Tint? 

If you are pulled over for window tint, you may get a fix-it-ticket. In these instances, you either need to have your dark tint removed and replaced with a legal tint. Or, if you tint isn’t below the legal limit, you need to have it checked with a tint meter and signed off on. This can be done at your local tint shop, but you still need to have the fix-it-ticket signed by the police department who issued you the ticket. 

For more information on window tint laws in Maryland or your local state, you can visit our full page on window tint laws. This will help tell you all the requirements you must meet for your specific vehicle type. If you’d like to speak with your local expert, get in touch with AP Corp today. At AP Corp, we are the highest rated Maryland vehicle tint company and can help you in determining if your tint is legal.

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