How Do You Tint Tesla’s 31 Sq Ft Model X Windshield?

With One Huge Piece of Window Film. No Seams. No Shortcuts. No Excuses.

model x windshield

The Tesla Model X – The Largest All-Glass Windshield In Production

Tesla claims the Model X has “the largest all-glass panoramic windshield” and at 31 square ft, we don’t doubt it. It’s an innovative, beautiful design.

However, there’s a problem. With a windshield that large, taking up space where the roof would normally be, the Model X gets extremely hot, has a huge problem with glare and visibility – basically all of the issues addressed by window tint.

We feel strongly about this because this is our craft. Teslas come through our shops on a regular basis, and we very recently installed Photosync 70 on a Model X windshield.

Tesla’s Solution – The Sunshade

Tesla has responded to complaints from owners by offering a sunshade (see below). While this does help to block heat and UV, it’s a bad solution to the problem. It looks cheap in comparison to everything else that makes up the Model X.

Tesla Model X Sunshade

The Model X windshield was a more of a challenge than most windows, but all it required was a little forethought, planning, and teamwork. It obviously requires a very large, unusually shaped piece of window film, and we did some out-of-the-box thinking. We enjoyed it, just like we do when we install vehicle wraps or paint protection film on exotic cars with aggressive, totally unique body lines.

We would have just made this a photo gallery with very few words describing the work, as we usually do. We didn’t this time, because we’ve read a number of recent comments in forums in which installers insisted to their customers that the Model X windshield can’t be tinted with only one piece of film. I’d like consumers to understand that the guys who want to try to make multiple pieces of tint work on that windshield are either lacking in the skill to do it correctly, or are lying because they just don’t want to deal with that higher degree of difficulty.

You, and Your Tesla, Deserve Better

As Tesla enthusiasts ourselves, we would just like people to consider all this before you go get your state-of-the-art luxury vehicle tinted by a bunch of, let’s face it, hacks or amateurs who would rather do things the easy way. The windshield may seem ok, at first glance, especially if you stand a few steps back and squint. One day, unfortunately, you’ll notice seams, and then that will be all you’ll be able to see. Over time, you may start to notice other imperfections, like bubbling and “fingers” where the material should be flush with the glass.

We Hope You Read This And Tell Another Model X Owner

We don’t like it when guys like this claim to be doing the “same work” that we do. They may be tinting cars, but it’s not the same work. If you’re a Tesla owner, we urge you to check a company’s reviews and references, and realize that the range of quality is broad.

In Summary

    • Don’t stick a cheap looking “sunshade” over the coolest design element of the vehicle, even if it was made by Tesla.
    • Don’t hire a guy who can’t or won’t do the work right, but still agrees to do the job the wrong way. That’s all you need to know about his attitude towards you as his customer.
    • And don’t just let it go and allow yourself to suffer the heat and glare. The Model X windshield is a brilliant design, and its issues can easily be remedied with one big ass piece of window film. Don’t let anyone tell you different. If they do, give us a call. We love talking about this stuff because we love doing the work we do.

There’s the Model X again, right outside our shop. Not a bad looking vehicle.

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