Can window tint be removed?

Long story short, yes window tint can be removed. This assumes the tint you have is a window tinting film and not tinted glass. Here’s more on what you need to know if you’re looking into removing window tinting film.

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When is it Time to Remove and Replace Tint?

Probably the most obvious time to remove and replace window tint is when it starts to look bad. Signs of failing tint would include bubbling, peeling, discoloration. Now if your reasons to replace aren’t purely aesthetic, the answer may be different. In the example of some of our fine art clients (who need strong UV ray protection) replacing at 5-10 years ensures the highest levels of UV ray protection long term.

How Long Does Window Tint Last?

Over time, window tint film can deteriorate. It certainly doesn’t happen in the period of a couple years, but exactly how long it lasts varies dramatically based on a couple factors:

  • Window location. Windows that see more exposure to sunlight on a consistent basis will deteriorate faster. For example, skylights, which see nearly constant sun exposure, will deteriorate much faster than an interior decorative film.
  • Interior vs. exterior films. As mentioned above, interior films will last longer than exterior. This is basically because your exterior films are exposed to the elements whereas interior window films can enjoy a controlled environment.
  • Cleaning and maintenance. More relevant to interior window films, cleaning and maintenance can shorten the length of time a window film can last. Be sure to clean and maintain your window films according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Have a look at your warranty. Often, window films come with some type of manufacturer’s warranty. As an example, the home window tint we use comes with a lifetime warranty. The commercial window films come with 10 or 15 year warranties. These will be helpful not only in determining the effective lifespan, but also if you are looking to replace the film.
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How to Remove Window Tint

Removing window tint should, in our opinion, be left to a professional. That said, there are variety of ways you can remove your own window tint that align with how the pros do it. Simply put, the film itself will peel off with relative ease. To help it along, use a razor blade and some soapy water. Often a heat gun will be needed as well.

Your Local Window Tinting Company

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