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Car Window Tinting

Improve the comfort and style of your vehicle. Car window tinting blocks heat and glare, protects interiors from sun damage, and improves overall appearance.

  • Enhance The Style & Look Of Your Car
  • 99% UV Protection
  • 94% Glare Reduction
  • Increased Privacy
  • Heat Blocking
  • Ask About Our Paint Protection Film

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Car Window Tinting

Looking for car window tinting in the DMV? Absolute Perfection delivers the highest quality in window film installation!

Just as heat and sun damage the inside of your home, without a layer of protection they can also damage the inside of your car. Absolute Perfection installs that protection. With a variety of colors and shades, you’ll find a film that complements and protects your vehicle.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to a vehicle’s interior and to human skin. FormulaOne auto tint with UV shield technology forms a protective barrier that blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays, which keeps your vehicle’s interior looking newer, longer, and shields you and your passengers from UV exposure that can contribute to skin cancer.
The sun’s rays can cause a vehicle’s interior to become unbearably hot. Installing FormulaOne high performance auto tint can reduce your vehicle’s interior temperatures by as much as 29°F, creating a more comfortable ride, lessening the burden on the air conditioning system, and saving fuel.
To ensure lasting quality, all FormulaOne window films are professionally installed by highly trained technicians. And our FormulaOne HPR adhesive is known worldwide for its strength, durability, and optical clarity. All of our FormulaOne films are back with a Lifetime Nationwide Transferable warranty, which will cover bubbiling, peeling, delaminating, and color change. If you ever have any issues with your tint, any FormulaOne dealer in the nation will back that warranty! This quality and attention to detail will give you the confidence that you’ve made the best choice with FormulaOne automotive tint.
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Great experience!!! From getting the quote (very quick and friendly response) to setting the appointment and bringing my coupe in to have the windows and windshield done. Just a great customer experience, Becky was great! I wish I had more cars to take back and get tinted…I’d highly recommend using them!
Matthew D.
I just want to start out by saying this is the ONLY SHOP that answers email. The customer service is great. The quote was very detailed and packed full of information and it made my decision coming to Absolute Perfection that much easier. All in all I strongly recommend this place and you won’t be disappointed!
Roger C.
I was very impressed with the products they offer and the prices seemed reasonable. They did an outstanding job and I am very pleased with the outcome. My truck looks great and I love the tinting! I am so impressed with their products and services that I plan on having the factory tinted glass treated with the Air Blue 80 product.
Timothy L.

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Formula One Window Film
Auto enthusiasts agree that FormulaOne films are the most stylish films on the market. But you don’t have to sacrifice style and appearance to protect yourself and your investment. With FormulaOne you can count on:
  • Color-stable film that never turns purple
  • Absolutely no unsightly bubbling or peeling
  • A wide selection of color tints and shade choices
  • Compatibility with factory tints
  • Durable scratch-resistant surfaces
  • Added privacy for you and your valuables
  • A noticeable decrease in glare — as much as 90%
  • A cooler, more comfortable interior
What is the difference between films?
Each grade of FormulaOne film is manufactured with different materials and the higher you go up in the grade, the more performance you will get out of your film! All of our films are top quality and are made to last for the life of your vehicle.
FormulaOne Classic is our base level, style focused, vehicle window film. Its soft charcoal look, available in a variety of shades, enhances privacy and adds style to any vehicle.
FormulaOne Stratos is a nano-ceramic film that uses Hybrid-Matrix™ technology to disperse heat throughout the glass. Providing a high level of heat rejection, without interfering the signal strength of your devices.
FormulaOne Pinnacle is a Polarized Nano-Ceramic film with infrared heat technology. Even if you put a very light shade on your vehicle, Pinnacle will still offer maximum heat reduction and will not interfere with any signaling in your vehicle.
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