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Client Testimonials

Great experience!!! From getting the quote (very quick and friendly response) to setting the appointment and bringing my coupe in to have the windows and windshield done. Just a great customer experience, Becky was great! and knows her stuff! Knew I was going to go with the Pinnacle film but wasn’t sure on how dark. They had great examples to look at for darkness which made the decision easy!! Very professional throughout the whole process and definitely concerned with getting everything absolutely correct before you leave! I wish I had more cars to take back and get tinted…I’d highly recommend using them!
Matthew D.
bmw window tint absolute perfection
Thanks so much to all those at Absolute Perfection, for an absolutely perfect tinting job! I was so impressed with the whole operation from start to finish. The facility is spotless. There are a range of products, all high-quality, to choose from. The staff just made me feel welcome and at home, and answered all my questions. I will certainly be passing their information on!
Jen M.
I went to Absolute Perfection to inquire about having my windows tinted. I was very impressed with the products they offer and the prices seemed reasonable. They did an outstanding job and I am very pleased with the outcome. My car looks great and I love the tinting! I am so impressed with their products and services that I plan on having the factory tinted glass treated with the Air Blue 80 product. Summertime will be a whole lot more comfortable now and my leather seats will be better protected!
Timothy L.
Absolute Perfection Window Tinting FormulaOne Pinncale Auto Tint BMW
I found Absolute Perfection on the internet when looking for a place to get my new vehicle tinted. I was impressed with the huge amount of positive reviews and even though they are nearly an hour away from where I live, I decided to bring my car to them. I got Formula One Pinnacle 30 applied to my whole car (minus the windshield) and it looks really good. There are zero bubbles and from what I can tell there is no dust between the film and window either. Becky was very nice and gave me a tour of their facility while I waited. They’ve got a TV with Netflix and wifi so the hour and a half install went by quickly.The tint install wasn’t cheap but when you consider you’re going to see it every single day you drive and it will protect the interior of your car I think it was well worth it. I will definitely come back.
Adam M.
Llumar FormulaOne Pinnacle Truck Tint Absolute Perfection Window Tinting Maryland
Over the past few decades, I have had numerous cars in various makes and models tinted by a multitude of vendors. I am happy to report that Absolute Perfection is THE PLACE that I have been looking for…no more garage shops for me! Gone are the days of having to worry about your car being damaged by second-rate tint shops. AP is a first-class business that treats you with the professionalism that you deserve. The difference between Tim, Marc, and his crew is that they take personal pride in their work and that they perform the work with great attention to detail. The products they carry are the best in class and the diverse offerings ranging from window tint to windshield protection to decorative graphics make them the one-stop shop for all your vehicle needs. Pricing is extremely fair for the quality and service and the after care is second to none. Do yourself a favor and visit AP Tinting. You will never need to go anywhere else.
Peter C.
Car Window Tinting FormulaOne Pinnacle Series Maryland
I got my sedan tinted. I decided to go with one of their best films here FormulaOne Pinnacle series and I am very happy with the work and film of choice. This place is the only place in the state of Maryland that carries this film. You call anywhere around the DMV area like Rockville and or Northern Virginia, every shop there carries 3M color stables. I am not saying that film is bad but I believe 3M is doing a deal with a lot of the shops here so everyone is carrying that film.This place is far but it is most definitely worth it. My experience here was very very good. I just want to start out by saying this is the ONLY SHOP that answers email. The customer service is great here, the email response was within 30 min. The quote was very detailed and packed full of information and it made my decision coming to Absolute Perfection that much easier. The film comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. All in all I strongly recommend this place and you won’t be disappointed!
Roger C.
“Absolute Perfection is a great team of people that are friendly, pleasant, professional, and they’re all about the customer. On a few occasions, the team was doing the work here while nobody was home and I felt absolutely comfortable with that.”
Nadya A, Residential Window Tint Customer
“I know that when it comes to window tinting to only go to Absolute Perfection because I know that they provide the quality and workmanship that is needed.”
Sam Koch, Punter for Baltimore Ravens
Those guys were great. I liked the scheduling, and the person that came out to do the work was very professional. I had an addition put on my house with some very large windows, and the windows actually let in too much light, so Absolute Perfection tinted them for me. These guys get an A in my book.
Ben C.
Home Glare Reduction Window Film Absolute Perfection Tinting Sykesville, Maryland
They did a great job. They knew what they were talking about – when putting window film on a residential house, you have to understand the material properties and all the other thermal properties of the film you’re putting on there, and they understood it. I’d give them an A.
Christa L.
Home Window Tinting for Glare Reduction by Absolute Perfection Tinting
Absolute Perfection tinted my foyer windows. They did a great job, and it’s actually made a huge difference in my house. I’d give them an A+!
Loren K.
Home UV Protection Window Tint by Absolute Perfection Annapolis, Maryland
I like the way Absolute Perfection communicated. They tinted all the windows in my house, and they did a vinyl wrap for a trailer for me. They were excellent.
Derek S.
Absolute Perfection Residential UV Protection Window Tint
I send kudos out to Absolute Perfection. They did tinting in my living room and dining room. I like their professionalism, their price, and their work.
Michelle T.
Within the first day after the installation, the results were known and obvious. And that’s really, really rare in an energy project, to get it to work in the first day.

Far and away, great people to work with and we’re satisfied with the product.

Ed Kirk & Bill Harrington, Johns Hopkins University
Washington DC & Maryland Commercial Heat Reduction Window Tint AP Tinting 2
“Thanks so much for the quick and efficient service!”
DaKiya of Forestville, Maryland
Future Care Canton Harbor Window Tinting by AP Tinting, Baltimore, Maryland
“We are very excited to have tint in our dining rooms and get all of those old tattered draperies down so that the residents can see out over the harbor.”
Future Care Canton Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland
Elite Dental Commercial Window Tinting by AP Tinting - Wheaton, Maryland
“Just wanted to drop a note and say I am very pleased with the final product. All went well and thanks!”
Elite Dental Center of Wheaton, Maryland
Absolute Perfection’s work was phenomenal. They took pride in their work, cleaned up after themselves. and finished in a timely manner. The end results was great. They did window they did indoor window treatments to help cut down on UV rays and it also helps with insulation and heating and cooling. They deserve a straight A grade – they’re great.
Kevin C.
Absolute Perfection Window Tinting Heat Reduction Tint Baltimore, Maryland
They were great. They worked clean, they were professional, and they were pleasant. I chose Absolute Perfection because they got back to me faster than other companies did, and I really liked their products. I would recommend them for other businesses in my area.
Gavin M.
Commercial Heat Reduction Window Tint Absolute Perfection Tinting Washington DC
Absolute Perfection was very good. They were professional, they did a great job, and they were very friendly. They put thier tint on eight windows, two skylights, and three other things. I chose them because when I called, Jen was very friendly. Great work and great people.
Dawn M.
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