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Commercial Energy Audits

Absolute Perfection is one of the only window film companies in Maryland that offers energy audits for qualified commercial window film projects. Energy audits help to make the best choice on the right window film for your business.

How It Works:

The process to obtain an energy audit is long and in-depth. Although there is no standardized procedure for residential and commercial energy audits, energy companies take a thorough approach to create a detailed report of the project.

  • Request Audit: It’s best to find the nearest certified energy auditing company to request an energy audit. The audit must first go through pre-approval to ensure the building is in need of one.


  • Audit Pre-Approval: During the pre-approval process, the energy company will conduct a preliminary energy analysis to assess the buildings energy consumption. If the building is identified as one that’s in need of energy efficient solutions, the audit will be approved and the process can begin.


  • Audit Approval: Once the building is approved for an energy audit, data collecting, and analyzing begins. An initial walk through survey is completed to identify low-cost and no-cost recommendations for the building. After measuring key parameters, the energy company and building owners will meet to review the recommendations, and establish a cost-effective, energy efficient way to solve the problem. In this case, window film will be the solution to the problem.


  • Installation: When a window film is chosen, installation can begin. Depending on the size and scope of the project, installation can take a few days or a few weeks.


  • Rebates & Savings: After the window film is installed, the rebate will be granted by the energy company. For every kilowatt hour saved in the first year, 16 cents is refunded to the company. In addition to the rebate, the building will start to spend less energy heating, cooling, and running the building at all times of the year.

Case Studies:

Absolute Perfection has been a part of multiple commercial energy audits that have resulted in a large amount of rebates and energy savings. Check out some of the major projects below.

GL Communications

commercial energy audits absolute perfection window tinting

The GL Communications project in Gaithersburg, Maryland is a great example of how much you can save in energy costs, just by being proactive and installing energy efficient window film. Absolute Perfection Window Tinting teamed up with Pepco to write a custom application for a window film rebate.

Once all of the applications were approved and the numbers crunched, AP began the large installation of EnerLogic window film. The job ended up totaling about 9000 square feet of window film to amount to a generous energy rebate. Overall, GL Communications saved over $45,000 just in the first year with help from Pepco and Absolute Perfection.

Johns Hopkins University

The Levering Hall Glass Pavilion at Johns Hopkins University was desperately in need of a solution to save energy, but keep the original architectural design of the building. The project originally started as a student research project to reduce the amount of solar energy entering the pavilion, but quickly turned into a full blown energy audit and rebate proposal.

Before window film was considered, blinds were installed to lower the amount of solar energy that came through the large glass walls of the pavilion. This solution proved to be a failure as the blinds only prevented the pavilion from receiving light and created shadows. After the rebate from Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) of $18,578 and the projected energy savings, Johns Hopkins were able to pay for the costs of the project within 2 years!

Geico Headquarters

commercial energy audits absolute perfection window tinting

The Geico energy audit project involved two large corporate headquarter buildings located in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Geico was in need of fresh energy savings as the previous window film they had installed wasn’t delivering the results they had expected. The project became one of the largest for Absolute Perfection with 1,901 windows totaling over 65,000 square feet of film between the both buildings.

After a long energy audit process with BGE and Pepco, the energy consumption was estimated, the savings were calculated, and the old film was ready to be removed. With a substantial rebate of $75,000, Geico instantly reaped the benefits of the energy efficient window film.

How Can I Request a Commercial Energy Audit?

Requesting an energy audit is simple. If you think you’re potentially missing out on thousands of dollars in energy savings, don’t wait, act now! To request a commercial energy audit, call Absolute Perfection Window Tinting at (410) 549-4285 or fill out the form on the right.

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