Commercial Window Film Annapolis Maryland – La Belle Cezanne Retail Store

(Case Study | Commercial Window Film Annapolis Maryland). La Belle Cezanne Jewelers in Annapolis Maryland recently contracted us to install window film at his large retail jewelry store. The window tinting products that we installed helped this staple of historic main street Annapolis to realize some of the most important benefits of window film:

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Reducing the Effects of the Sun Without Reducing Visibility | Commercial Window Film Annapolis

La Belle Cezanne has a beautiful floor to ceiling storefront window that opens up onto main street Annapolis. Window Film was needed to reduce the effects of the sun coming through that very large pane of glass.

It was imperative that people walking by needed to be able to see into the store front without their visibility being hampered by dark window tint. However, there are custom built display cases wrapped in extremely expensive, exotic wood, susceptible to UV fading and color change from the sun’s rays. A window film that would not hinder visibility, while blocking the harmful effects of the sun, was required. Vista Window Film was able to address all of these challenges.

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Vista Window Film | Commercial Window Film Annapolis

We decided to install Vista Window Film’s SpectraSelect VS 70. We decided on the VS 70 window film product for this Annapolis project for a number of reasons. The first and most obvious consideration was that Vista VS 70 window film allows almost all of the natural light to pass through the storefront glass.

Unlike a traditional window tint, the Vista VS70 is designed to isolate the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is associated with solar heat gain and UV rays. As a result of the special properties of this Vista Window Film product, the “window tint” is virtually clear, while reducing 60% of the sun’s heat and 99.9% of harmful UV rays. La Belle Cezanne was able to protect the interior of the store, without hindering passing Annapolis patrons from admiring the beautiful jewelry on display.

Commercial Window Film Annapolis Maryland | Case Study

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The installation was more challenging than it might appear. The custom display cases were mounted very close to the glass and could not be moved, limiting our access. In addition, the afternoon sun warmed the glass rapidly, drying our window film’s slip solution as quickly as our installers applied it. This made the installation of a 6 foot by 7 foot piece of window film very challenging.

As soon as the window film was applied to the glass there was an immediate reduction in temperature and glare. The benefits of window film for this Annapolis retail store have been powerful, protecting their display cases from the sun, without making it difficult for passing customers to see them.

More About Solar Control Films

The performance of any solar control window film is determined by the amount of metals and dyes in the product. For instance a reflective or mirrored film has a very high aluminum and dye content, giving it very high heat rejection. The drawback of this kind of product is that the appearance on the glass is very noticeable.

The one way to improve the performance without adding more metal or dye is to use a more precious metal. The more precious the type of metal, the less dye is needed in the composition of the film. The Vista VS 70 has the precious metal Silver, making it a very advanced, high quality window film product. Vista EnerLogic 70 Low-E window film has very advanced properties, and contains the precious metal gold. Click here to learn more about the advanced, energy and cost saving properties of EnerLogic window film for Commercial or Residential projects.

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