Commercial Window Tint Baltimore Maryland – A Case Study

(Case Study | Commercial Window Tint Baltimore Maryland) The Baltimore City Office of Employment Development contracted us to install LLumar R20 window tint on all the windows of their five story building. We were awarded the contract through a competitive bidding process conducted by Baltimore City’s Department of Purchasing, in which we proposed the LLumar R20 window tint to resolve the building’s extreme heat gain issues. Window film for Baltimore City’s Office of Employment Development building would be crucial, as it was built in the mid 1900s and severe problems with energy efficiency.

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Window Tint for Energy Efficiency | Commercial Window Tint Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore City attempted to address their energy efficiency problems with a window upgrade, but they were still experiencing significant heat gain. The single pane clear glass allowed almost all of the sun’s heat to transit into the building. In fact, the building’s engineer told us that temperatures in the summer reached over 80 degrees on the upper floors.

The office building also had very old boilers for heating the building. It was very difficult to fine tune the output of these boilers which, compounded by the sun’s radiant heat, resulted in the upper floors being much higher in temperature than lower floors. Windows on the upper floors were even left open in the middle of winter to reduce the temperature in the offices and classrooms. In terms of energy efficiency, these open windows in the winter presented a worst case scenario, as well as creating a safety hazard.

LLumar R20 Window Tint | Commercial Window Tint Baltimore Maryland

We helped the Baltimore City’s building engineers determine that the LLumar R20 reflective window tint was the best option for the following reasons.

  • LLumar R20 reflective window film would cut 75% of the suns heat coming through the glass
  • LLumar R20 would significantly reduce hot spots in the building
  • R20 is a traditional metallized film which is extremely cost friendly
  • R20’s tinted window appearance would add much needed privacy on the lower level glass
  • R20 window tint would give the office building a more uniform, aesthetically pleasing  appearance (employees belongings and filing cabinets were visible through the clear glass from the road before, giving Baltimore City Office of Employment Development a cluttered look).

Window Tinting Installation Challenges | Commercial Window Tint Baltimore Maryland

The installation was challenging because many of the offices and classrooms were occupied and in use. We had to move quickly and efficiently through the building to make sure we were not interfering with daily operations. The single pane windows also presented a challenge for our installers, as they were very dirty, some even obstructed by rubber gaskets hanging into the glass area.

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Despite these challenges, our IWFA certified installers were able to complete this window tinting project in less than 2 days. We followed up with the building engineer less than a week after the window film installation was complete, and he told wrote us:

“Everyone loves the window tint! I have never been able to get our building under 78 degrees when it is hotter than 85 degrees outside. I checked the thermostat today and it was 71 degrees on the 5th floor and it’s 88 outside. This stuff really works!”

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