Commercial Window Tinting Rockville Maryland – A USP Case Study

(Case Study | Commercial Window Tinting Rockville Maryland | 3M Decorative Glass Film) Gable Signs of Baltimore recently brought Absolute Perfection in for a large and challenging window film project in Rockville, MD to remove and re-install frosted glass film from the exterior of the USP Convention Center.

The decorative glass film we removed had been on the glass for at least 8 years. In that time, the sun and elements had caused the old frosted glass patterns to deteriorate, peel, and discolor.

The USP was about to host a huge event at their Rockville Convention Center only 2 weeks from the time we were contracted to complete the project, so they needed the prominent decorative glass film mural on the outside of their building to look its best.

USP Decorative Film Case Study | Commercial Window Tinting Rockville

It had been years since the most recent installation, so all that was available to us was a JPEG image of the design. Our graphic artist had to recreate it in a life-sized format  so that we could cut the 3M Fasara Dusted Crystal Film product that we used into the shapes of world continents. This project was truly epic in scope, as were some of the challenges we faced.

USP Decorative Window Film Project Challenges | Commercial Window Tinting Rockville

The windows were continuous columns of glass, spanning to a height of 40 feet. Metal beams separated each column of glass, and the distance between the two beams got wider and wider as the glass got taller. At the bottom, if the distance between each beam was 30 feet, at the top it was 40 feet. This unusual structure and shape had to be taken account into the process of design, production, and installation, all of which we do in-house.

Weather | Commercial Window Tinting Rockville

To reach every part of the installation we had to use a 60′ straight boom man lift to reach the glass. Heavy rains during the course of the installation soaked the soil, swallowing the lift and rendering it immobile. We had to have a tow truck pull the lift out of the mud, and place boards down in that area to ensure the lift wouldn’t get stuck again.
The rain, however, was not the biggest weather challenge we faced, as we completed the project in the middle of one of the worst heat waves of 2012. Our crew faced temperatures of 100 to 105 degrees every day, at the top of a lift extended into the air, installing film on a South-West facing wall with maximum exposure to the sun. Furthermore, we performed our work directly over HVAC compressor exhaust vents. It was like trying to hang wallpaper in a 25 mile an hour wind.

Ahead of Schedule | Commercial Window Tinting Rockville

Despite all of these challenges, we finished the project ahead of schedule. USP were very happy with the final product, and they were able to host their Rockville Convention Center event with fresh new frosted glass designs. Gable Signs of Baltimore still reaches out to us for our expertise on difficult exterior and interior vinyl applications.

More about 3M Fasara Glass Frosting Film | Commercial Window Tinting Rockville

The 3M Fasara glass finish we used has a lot of great benefits for commercial window film projects. At the window film project in Rockville, we were able to create an epic etched glass design on the exterior of the Convention Center. Glass frosting film can be used to create a mural on the glass of a large commercial building.

Benefits of Decorative Window Film | Commercial Window Tinting Rockville

Decorative window films can also help create privacy for your offices in an aesthetically-pleasing way that leaves the space open, preventing the space from feeling confined. These products are perfect for multiple commercial window film applications including:

  • Partitions
  • Private Offices
  • Retail Storefronts
  • Conference Rooms
  • Verandas
  • Exterior Windows
  • Lobbies
  • And Residential settings as well, such as adding privacy to window panes on front doors or bathrooms.

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