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(Case Study | Commercial Window Tinting Washington DC) At the end of 2011, Absolute Perfection’s Window Film Division was awarded a long term contract with Dulles International Airport in Washington DC. Their first job, as part of this contract was to tint the south facing windows of the terminal.

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Washington DC’s Dulles terminal is a beautiful structure, with architecture well known to people around the world, so we decided to create a marketing video to demonstrate that our window film division is capable of handling large government and commercial contracts (click here to watch the video on our Media Website to learn more about the production).

This project was also accomplished under major time restrictions, as it needed to be finished before the Christmas holiday, and we wanted to show future clients that we could execute a sizeable undertaking under those kinds of circumstances.

The video was published to our YouTube channel “aptinting”, embedded on our window film website, shared on our Facebook page, Google Plus page, Twitter profile (@APTINT), Pinterest boards and other social media.

One of the biggest reactions we’ve noticed has been from Linked In Discussion Groups, where we’ve seen a tremendous response from professionals. Linked In has been the best platform for this specific video, because it permits us to get in touch with our target audience– decision makers responsible for setting up major government and commercial contracts.

home-office-window-tinting-estimate_1Since putting together this video, our Window Film Division has made great strides, building associations with various large facilities for example Johns Hopkins University, W.L. Gore, and has been selected by Vista Window Films as an official dealer of their services.

We returned to Dulles toward the end of 2012 to apply window film to the East and West facing windows of the terminal.

When we talked to Bill Valway, the CEO of Absolute Perfection, we made certain to refer to more than simply the applications the company sells. While it’s very critical to touch upon the features and uses of your products and services, this sort of video is also the ideal chance to communicate what you represent as a business.

We also create videos for our customers that focus on features and benefits of a particular product, and those kinds of marketing videos deliver a very important function. For this particular kind of video, we concentrate on the company’s beliefs, in the interests of developing trust in the company with future customers.

We can help you develop a marketing video that will help you showcase your capabilities, and set you apart from other companies. Contact our Media Division for a free quote.

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