Energy Efficiency Audit

Are you making the best choice when choosing window film for your business?


5% to 15%

How it Works

Absolute Perfection is one of the only window film companies in Maryland that offers energy audits for qualified commercial window film projects. The process to obtain an energy audit is long and in-depth and although there is no standardized procedure for residential and commercial energy audits, energy companies take a thorough approach to create a detailed report of the project.

How Can I Request a Commercial Energy Audit?

Requesting an energy audit is simple. If you think you’re potentially missing out on thousands of dollars in energy savings, don’t wait, act now! To request a free commercial energy audit, please fill out the form below.

Case Studies

Absolute Perfection has been a part of multiple commercial energy audits that have resulted in a large number of rebates and energy savings. Check out some of the major projects below.

Johns Hopkins University

What started out as a student research project to reduce the amount of solar energy entering the Levering Hall Glass Pavilion […] READ MORE

GL Communications

In November of 2013, GL Communications in Gaithersburg, Maryland brought in Absolute Perfection Window Tinting […] READ MORE

Geico Headquarters

Gieco has two buildings that underwent the removal and reapplication of window film – their main four-story office building and […] READ MORE

Want to save money on your next commercial project? Contact us today for a free energy savings audit!

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