Photosync Tint Review

The demand for Spectra Photosync Tint has skyrocketed within the last few months, but the reasons why are as clear as the tint itself. This extraordinary window tint with a solar adaptive technology reacts to the strength of solar rays, lightening or darkening before your eyes. You could blame the high demand on one extremely hot summer, but the sale of this tint won’t dwindle after summer fades to fall. Once summer has taken its wrath and leaves begin to fall, normal tints don’t have the technology to lighten up for cloudy days; however, Spectra Photosync Tint has the power to do just that. Read more to see the proof behind this beautiful tint and exactly why AP Tinting customers are raving.

Read What Our Customers Have To Say

Joe Rose of the DC/Baltimore area just had the Photosync 55/45 installed on the sides and rear and 75/70 on the windshield of his car by AP Tinting. See what Joe has to say in his photosync tint review.

“I was back and forth for months between Crystalline and Photosync, but

[Tesla Motors Club] helped me make my decision. All of the pictures helped too. I really like the factory matching light blue glint, as opposed to the bronze glint that I get with 3M crystalline on my other vehicles. The techie in me broke out the FLIR for comparison, since everyone else has already done the timed thermometer test videos and hundreds of photos. I can confirm before and after photo sync, 90 minutes in the high sun, 95 F outside, direct sun. Here are the results.”



In the before shot, notice how the seat is a solid 125°F and even the doors are hot. The factory glass appears colder due to low thermal emissivity, and the cold thermometer was not in there the whole time.


photosync thermo1

In the after shot, notice how the seat temperature is 20-30° lower and the doors are cooler. The backseats are also significantly cooler as well. The tint appears hotter, because it is, but compared to regular glass, this tint has a normal thermal emissivity.

You Know What To Do Now

Quite impressive, isn’t it? Photosync is taking over the tint world one install at a time. Don’t be late to jump on the bandwagon. Get your Spectra Photosync Tint today! Contact an AP Tinting representative at (888) 481-8468 (TINT) or click here for a FREE quote! Thanks for reading! Don’t be shy; share our posts and keep up with us on Facebook and Google+ to get the first look at the latest tinting products!

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