What is the Darkest I Can Tint My Windows in Maryland?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from our customers is “what is the darkest I can tint my windows in Maryland?” Whether you’re coming in for a professional installation or going the DIY route, it’s important to understand the basic tint laws in Maryland.


What is the Maryland Tint Law?

The amount of visible light transmission (VLT), according to the Maryland tint laws, is a minimum of 35%. Although, this can differ depending on the vehicle type (coupe, SUV, etc.) and window position (front side, rear side, etc.). A higher VLT percentage indicates more sunlight comes through, and lowerHave you VLT percentage tints block more light. Therefore, a 25% VLT tint would be illegal under Maryland regulations, while a 50% VLT would be legal.

Can I Tint my Windshield in Maryland?

State regulations do not allow you to darken your entire windshield, but in Maryland you can add tint down to the AS1 line. The AS1 line is commonly marked with the letters AS-1, printed on most windshields, running parallel to the top of the windshield. If there isn’t an AS1 line on your vehicle, you can add tint to the first five inches from the top of your windshield.

The Darkest You Can Tint Your Windows, Broken Down

Below are details on Maryland tint regulations by vehicle type and window position, as well as additional tint law considerations.

Passenger Vehicles Tint Laws in Maryland

  • Front sides: 35% net VLT
  • Rear sides: 35% net VLT
  • Rear Windshield: 35% net VLT – cannot cover the brake light.
  • Windshield: No tint below AS1 permitted

Trucks, Vans, and SUVs Tint Laws in Maryland

  • Front sides: 35% net VLT
  • Rear sides: No restriction
  • Rear windshield: No restriction
  • Windshield: No tint below AS1 permitted

Limousines Tint Laws in Maryland

  • Front sides: Factory only
  • Rear sides: No restriction
  • Rear windshield: No restriction
  • Windshield: No tint below AS1 permitted

Commercial Vehicle Tint Laws in Maryland

  • Front sides: 70% net VLT
  • Rear sides: No restriction
  • Rear windshield: No restriction
  • Windshield: No tint below AS1 permitted

Tint Color and Reflectivity Restrictions

Often, people ask us if we can tint their windows with a unique color outside of the standard black tint. Maryland does not allow tint that is red, amber, or yellow in color. Mirrored/reflective tints are also illegal. Put differently, it’s usually best to stay at the standard black tint to avoid any issues with law enforcement. That said, blue, green, and purple colors seem to not be mentioned in the law…

Medical Waivers

Medical waivers are accepted in Maryland for individuals who need additional sun protection that requires exemption from the 35% VLT law. The waiver must be obtained from a practicing Maryland physician and authorized by the Maryland State Police – Automotive Safety Enforcement Division. The front windshield must still comply with the AS1 mark limit for window tint.

Driving Out of Maryland

A common concern we encounter is customers wondering what will happen if they drive into a state with different tint laws. We cover this topic in-depth in a separate post titled, Do Window Tint Laws Carry Over from State to State? In summary, you can be held accountable if your tint breaks regulations of another state; be aware of the laws of the road where you’re driving, not where your vehicle is registered.

Accounting for Factory Window Tint

When you purchased your vehicle, it likely came with a small amount of window tint already installed. This factory tint generally runs around 75-85% VLT and needs to be measured and considered when you decide to install aftermarket window film. Applying the darkest legal aftermarket tint film to windows that already had factory tint could leave you with a tint job beyond the legal VLT limit.

A reputable tint installer can measure your factory tint VLT and suggest the best aftermarket tint to layer on. Here at AP Tinting, we are the highest rated installer of automotive window tint in Maryland. So, we stay up to date on the local regulations to ensure you’re compliant with Maryland tint laws. For more help with your window tint, give us a call today!

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