3M DI-NOC: Advanced Architectural Finish

The D.C, Maryland, and Virginia area is known to have some of the most beautiful architecturally dynamic businesses and homes in America. The wide variety of owners in this area typically love having the ability to transform their space as efficiently as possible. Our team at Absolute Perfection encourages and fosters this possibility for their businesses and homes to look and feel aesthetically pleasing. Absolute Perfection uses 3M DI-NOC Advanced Architectural finish for our valued clients to have creative control over their space.

AP is so excited to offer a brand new self-adhesive film, 3M Di Noc an Advanced Architectural Finish, that is produced by 3M. We pride ourselves in being one of the few company’s that are certified in installing this technologically advanced architectural finish. This film is able to convert any flat surface to have another surface. 3M offers over 700 possible finishes, including but not limited to, carbon, concrete, fine wood, metallic, sand, stone, high gloss, just to name a few. Our team is able to apply these designs to walls, columns, tables, doors, and ceilings.

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finish Benefits

Creative Freedom of Transforming Your Space

One of the most unique benefits of using this advanced architectural finish is to have the freedom and creative ability to transform an interior or exterior to take on a distinctive pattern or texture of your choice. Our team offers optimal services to help you re-define how you want your walls, table, chair, ceilings, columns or doors to look.

3M DI NOC Advanced Architectural Resilience

Another amazing benefit of using 3M Di-Noc is that it was manufactured to withstand deterioration. This makes it extremely beneficial for residential and commercial services. The ability to withstand weathering such as dirt, abrasions, water and impacts allows it to be a great architectural finish for not just residential homes but also for hotels, buildings, hospitals, schools, and even public transport.

Refurbishing and Updating Your Space in a Cost Efficient Way

The beautiful thing about 3M Di Noc installation is that although this architectural finish is technologically beneficial in so many ways, it’s just as cost efficient as it is advanced. 3M Di Noc is also a great way to refurbish or update flat surfaces without having to deconstruct them. You can transform this surface simply by installing an additive layer of 3M Di Noc.

Modernize Your Space

Embrace the new ways of commercial and residential remodeling innovations and allow our team to use their specialized skill set to modernize your home, your office, any major buildings such as an airport or even a hotel. There’s no project that we will falter from handling. We strive to make your experience in your space as visually and aesthetically pleasing as feasibly possible.

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