Does a Clear Window Film Still Protect Against UV Rays?

Does Clear Window Film Still Protect Against UV Rays

Most of the time, we associate the major benefits of window tint with window darkening tint. The truth, most all window films protect against UV rays. Here’s more on Ultraviolet rays, the damage they cause, and how clear window films protect against UV rays.

What are Ultraviolet (UV) Rays?

Ultraviolet rays, dubbed UV rays for short, are a form of radiation coming from the sun. This UV radiation is broken down into 3 types of UV rays, none of which are visible to the naked eye. Of the three types of UV rays 95% reaching the earth’s surface is UVA, 5% is UVB; and no UVC rays reaches the earth because it is blocked by our atmosphere.

Why is Protecting Against UV Rays Important?

We need to protect against UV rays because can damage living tissue. Most noticeably, the damage from UV rays is seen as sunburn. While a suntan looks nice, the exposure to UV radiation can cause major damage including skin cancer or melanoma. In addition to our skin, our eyes are also vulnerable to damage by UV rays and should be protected when possible.

How do Window Films Protect Against UV Rays?

So, how is it a window film can protect against UV rays? Window films, like vehicle darkening tints or window films for businesses, are engineered to filter out UV radiation. This is achieved through the addition of microscopic particles such as nano-ceramic particles in the tint. These particles reflect and filter out the Ultraviolet wavelength, which means filtering out UV rays.

Which Window Films Offer the Best UV Ray Protection?

Looking to protect against UV rays? The best window films to protect against UV rays are those which use high quality materials and contain adequate UV ray blocking technology. In fact, there are many different types of window films from vehicle window films to commercial building window tints which block those UV rays. So there isn’t really a “best” film so much as there are a variety of best ones to choose from.

That said, each brand and type of window film will contain different levels of UV radiation blocking ability. It’s usually best to consult with a window film consultant to discuss your options so you get the look and functionality best for your needs. For information on UV ray filtering window films, get in touch with your local window film experts at AP Tinting, today!

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