Dulles Airport – A Commercial Vista Window Film Project

The Dulles Airport project was one of the largest projects we had been a part of. But it wasn’t so much the scope of the job that was the difficult part, it was the time constraints that we had. Most of the time, a project of that scale would take several weeks to complete, but in this case, it had to be done before the Christmas holiday. We had to bring in extra manpower and work on a shift that we weren’t accustomed to doing. That’s kind of part of our company model is that we’re going to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Vista Window Film | Vista V33

I think that Dallas chose the Vista V33 because it has superior performance over some of the other manufacturers, and it’s proven to have the longevity with the CDF adhesive. The performance was excellent, it reduced about 50% of the glare; and really, for the folks that are working there, behind the counters, at the different terminals, the glare is the most significant issue that they’re running into because of the large amount of glass there.

Atrium Lift

Over the summer we were actually approached by them again, to look at reducing glare on the east and west ends of their main terminal. We had to bring in a specialized lift. It’s called an atrium lift.

We’ve worked with a number of different lifts through the years and this was, by far, the craziest lift we’ve ever worked with. It comes in on tracks, and it’s designed to fit through a 36 inch door, and then telescope up 90 feet. This lift was extremely difficult to operate. It was very jumpy and we were working within inches of a piece of glass that was 6 feet wide, by 14 feet tall. To work in an environment like that, and still finish the project on schedule, is really quite an achievement for our company.

Why We’re Proud to be Vista Window Film Dealers

Ever since I started my business I said that I wanted to be a Formula One and Vista dealer, and a year ago we became a Formula 1 dealer, and it’s just been phenomenal for our business. Our reputation has continued to grow, and I knew that the next step for our company was Vista. Vista window film is manufactured by the largest manufacturer of films in the world. They have access to the latest technology and the best polyester grade materials. Their products are basically the highest of quality, so we know that when we go into a customers home or meet with a property owner, and we tell them that we have these product offerings from Vista and they are the best.

We can say that confidently and know that they’re not only getting the best product, but they’re getting the best installation and support from us and the manufacturer. When you have that much confidence in your ability to do your job, you can’t help but be successful.

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