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A massive benefit to window films is the money you will save on your energy bills. As a facilities manager, in whatever capacity, finding ways to save money through the improvement of your building is a win-win situation. One area to achieve savings will be through the improvement of your windows. Here is how much energy savings you can expect with new solar window film in Gaithersburg, MD.

How Window Films Save Money on Energy Costs

First, let’s quickly talk through the science of how window films can save money on energy bills. As you’re probably aware, windows are one of the largest culprits of heat gain and heat loss. Solar window films filter out the infrared radiation from sunlight: this is the part of the sunlight which causes heat. Simultaneously, window films also add a layer of insulation helping your HVAC system better maintain internal temperatures.

What Factors Affect Window Film Energy Savings?

First, it’s important to note, the amount of savings you will see is going to be largely dependent on your building. Some factors which will affect the average energy savings and payoff period are:

  • Percentage of windows you have on your building compared to walls.
  • The location of your building (Southern US vs. Northern US).
  • The types of windows you have (single pane, dual pane, tinted)
  • The type of commercial window film you install.

With these variables in mind, it’s hard to give an exact number for your specific location and building without doing a complete energy audit. That said, we have a lot of data collected by the top manufacturers of window films which allows us to show you the rough savings you could expect in a small office building or a large commercial building in Gaithersburg, MD.

Gaithersburg, MD solar window film in Gaithersburg, MD

Window Film Energy Savings for a Small Office in Gaithersburg

Gaithersburg, MD is a city in the mid-Atlantic which sees a fairly significant amount of sunlight. The energy savings on a smaller commercial building in this city, simply based on location, can be drastic. In this example, a small commercial building is based on a 3-story tall, 55,000 sq. ft. office building.

Here are the types of savings this building would experience based on the types of films installed…

  • Good Energy-Saving Films: Films in this category are like the LLumar N1020 Neutral film. If your building has single pane windows, you will see an ROI of 2.41 years and annual energy savings of 4.19%. For dual-pane windows, the ROI is 4.97 years with annual energy savings of 2.19%.
  • Better Energy-Saving Films: Like a LLumar Dual-Reflective DR15. Buildings with single pane windows, typically pay off their investment in 1.91 years and see 5.64% annual energy savings. For dual-pane windows, the ROI is 3.65 years with energy savings of 3.32%.
  • Best Energy-Saving Films: High performance films include ones like the LLumar Reflective R20. The ROI for installing this film on a single-pane window is 1.41 years with energy savings of 7.07%. Dual-pane windows see an ROI is 2.33 years with a 4.45% annual energy savings.

For example, let’s say you own a 3-story office building in Gaithersburg, MD with 55,000 sq. ft. Now, according to National Grid US the average U.S. office building spends $1.34 per sq. ft. on electricity every year. By installing one of our Gaithersburg, MD solar window films, you would be able to save $5210 every year on your energy expenses.

solar window film in Gaithersburg, MD solar window films

Window Film Energy Savings for a Large Commercial Building in Gaithersburg

For a large commercial building, the data is based on a 160,000 sq. ft. building that is 5 stories tall. This building will also have a window to wall ratio of 50% and would be comparable to a large office building or hotel.

Here are the types of savings this building would see based on the types of films installed…

  • Good Energy-Saving Films: This would be like a LLumar N1020 Neutral Film. Single pane window office buildings will see an ROI of 2.1 years and an annual energy savings of 7.98%. Dual-pane windows would see an ROI of 4.61 years and save 4.20% annually.
  • Better Energy-Saving Films: Like the LLumar DR 15 dual-reflective film. A single-pane window office building would save 10.54% annually with an ROI of 1.69 years. A building with dual-pane windows would save 6.12% annual and have a 3.48 year ROI.
  • Best Energy-Saving Films: This is your LLumar Reflective R20 or similar film. Installed on a building with single-pane windows it would save 13.10% on annual energy costs with an ROI of 1.28 years. Dual-pane windows have an ROI of 2.35 years and save 8.04% annually.

To put these numbers into an example, let’s say you own a 160,000 sq. ft. office building. Using the same number of $1.34 spent on electricity every year annually per sq. ft. as we did above. By installing one of these Gaithersburg, MD commercial window tinting films you would be able to decrease your annual energy costs by $28,086.

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