Benefits of Formula One High Performance Auto Tint

We sought to become Maryland’s only authorized dealer of Formula One Tint because it’s simply the best product on the market. The performance for our customers is unequaled, and the product is designed to be exceptionally user-friendly during the installation process.

Formula One tint is produced with a micro-thin, hard-coated “scratch resistant layer” that allows different grade squeegee materials to pass over the film without leaving marks. This allows our installers to apply a maximum amount of pressure during the application of the film, making it easy for us to remove as much moisture as possible.

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Many vehicles, such as Corvettes, Porsche’s, and Volkswagen Beetles, have severely curved glass contours. Formula One automotive films are manufactured so that when heat is applied the film will shrink and in turn become pliable enough for us to form a perfect shape to your car’s window.

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In the older days the film was cut into many strips and the seams would lie on top of the defroster lines. After time the seams would peel apart, and bubbles would arise as the film deteriorated.  Thanks to the innovations of Formula One tint, we are now able to complete installation on large curved glass, in one piece, with a custom fit, and while maintaining the integrity of the film.

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I have worked with many different manufacturers on the road to becoming Maryland’s only authorized Formula One Tint dealer, and no other product compares in the ease of installation. Many traditional films are also very thin and can easily crease, even when you’re just handling them before the installation.

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Some manufactures will make the release liners very thick to confuse a dealer into think they are getting something decent when they’re really not. Many Asian window tint brands that I’ve worked with have an almost stretchy or rubbery feel. Most other tint products have much less, or much weaker adhesive, which can make the installation process very difficult. Other films will also not shrink in the way Formula One tint does, meaning that some windows may not be possible to complete or will always have a warranty problem.

Formula One Tint | Maryland’s Authorized Dealer | Comfort Series (Click Here)

After years of experience in car window film installations using many different products, there’s no doubt in my mind that Formula One tint is the best auto tint available. It helps us to deliver the kind of quality our customers deserve. Formula One tint allows us to give you a lifetime warranty product and a perfect installation, which means we’ll only see you when you buy another car!

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