The Gold in EnerLogic Insulating Window Film

EnerLogic insulating window film is literally made of gold. Gold is an excellent insulator and has impeccable infrared reflective properties. So much so that EnerLogic film contains actual gold fragments! Mind blown. What’s funny is EnerLogic insulating window film received the Gold Plus Global Green Tag Certification — it only seems appropriate, right?

The certification provides quite an amusing gold-gold connection if you ask us. But more importantly, the certification establishes EnerLogic as the most eco-friendly window film in the world.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (For Insulating Window Film!)

EnerLogic is best suited for colder months—although it works equally as well for the warm seasons—because it can reflect well over 91% of thermal energy back into your Annapolis home. Untreated glass, on the other hand, simply absorbs and doesn’t reflect it one bit.

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What better way to prep for another frigid Annapolis winter than to save heating costs by up to 33% with the installation of EnerLogic film?

A Lifetime of Savings & Benefits for Your Annapolis Home

The value of thermal window film, and home window tinting in general, is also substantial because it could last a lifetime. That means a lifetime of year-round energy savings.

Additionally, EnerLogic film enhances your home’s outward view by reducing surface reflections and glare. The film allows you to create an absolutely perfect view of the waterfront from your home in Annapolis.

From big savings to a beautiful view, EnerLogic insulating window film can do so much for your wallet and your home.

If you have any questions or are interested in getting EnerLogic film installed in your home, give us a call at (410) 549-4285 or Click Here for a FREE quote.

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