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Heat Reduction Film

Did you know that Vista and LLumar energy-saving films can lower your home’s cooling costs by up to 50% by blocking solar heat gain?

Improve Home Energy-Efficiency

While damaged or deteriorating windows simply have to be replaced, Vista and LLumar films provide an affordable alternative to replacement when your goal is to improve energy efficiency. In fact, the cost for quick, professional installation is about one-tenth the cost of replacement windows!

Tinting your home windows is arguably one of the most cost effective ways to reduce or reflect heat from being transmitted into your home. When solar energy comes in contact with your glass there are three things happen to that energy; a portion will be reflected outward away from your home, some will be absorbed within the window glass and window frame, and some will be transmitted into your home. We offer a wide range of window film technologies from full reflective stainless steel (mirrored) films designed to offer the maximum to virtually clear Spectrally-Selective products.

Heat and Fading

While it is important to choose a film that will reject 99% of UV rays, it is also just as important to pick a film that will offer heat reduction. While virtually almost every type of window film offers 99% UV rejection, heat accounts for 25% of the reason fading occurs on furniture, carpets, hardwood, and artwork.

Reduce the Heat, Maintain the View

With Vista and LLumar films, darkening rooms in order to reduce heat is a thing of the past. Our Ceramic, EnerLogic, and Spectrally Selective Films will offer maximum heat rejection, without sacrificing a large amount of natural light. Easily applied to a window’s interior, Vista window film helps keep indoor temperatures comfortably consistent. Vista window film products can enhance the operational efficiency of a facility’s HVAC equipment, by stopping as much as 75% of the sun’s heat, reducing costly heating and cooling bills. Many utility companies encourage window film as a factor towards energy conservation.

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