Home Window Tinting Anne Arundel County – A Case Study

(Case Study | Home Window Tinting Anne Arundel County) We recently installed home window tinting on a beautiful home in Anne Arundel County. The owner had completely renovated the property, with exotic hardwood floors, high performance French pane windows, and gold leaf ceilings.

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UV & FADE PROTECTION | Home Window Tinting Anne Arundel County

With good reason, our client was very concerned that UV radiation coming through the glass would fade the interior, damaging his floors and the priceless artwork he had displayed throughout the house.

Before renovating his home, the owner had noticed that the floors were fading badly from direct sunlight, so he was determined to prevent this from happening to his new flooring through the use of home window tint. However, he was concerned that window tint would darken the glass, spoiling some of the aesthetics in his well-lit home.

Preserving the View, While Reducing Glare & Heat | Home Window Tinting Anne Arundel County

The back wall of his house looked out onto a beautiful view of the Severn River. He needed to find a way to preserve that view, while protecting the interior of his home from the glare and heat that came through the glass on sunny days. We proposed that he used Vista Window Film’s Spectra-select VS70. That home window tinting product has extremely high heat reduction capabilities (58%) and blocks 99.9% of UV rays.

After we installed Vista VS70 the window tinting was almost completely unnoticeable on the panoramic windows of this beautiful Anne Arundel County waterfront property. Our client could notice an immediate reduction in temperature, reducing the stress on his HVAC system, and increasing comfort throughout the house.

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Challenges | Home Window Tinting Anne Arundel County

This Anne Arundel County home window tinting project did have its share of challenges, most presented by the French pane windows. There were 12 individual panes on each window, meaning there were over 800 total panes of glass on the rear of the home. Each pane has a painted frame, and there is often debris on the edge of the glass that can soak into the window tinting during the installation.

The intricate design of those windows, with their custom silk draperies, required great care to work around in the course of the installation. We had to wrap them with a protective plastic to prevent them from being sprayed with water in the course of the installation.

When we are installing window tint in a client’s home, we always wear shoe covers, use drop cloths, and cover or remove draperies whenever possible. This is part of our commitment to leave our clients’ home in a better condition when we leave than it was when we got there.

We understand that if you’re considering home window tinting, it’s because you care about keeping your home in the best possible condition – protected from sun damage, and with maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

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