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Nadia and her family love the natural light that they get from their windows, but when you have a lot of windows, you can have a lot of problems. She wanted a way to reduce the heat that came through the windows as well as combat the UV rays that causes fading over time.

Nadia put heavy consideration into getting roller blinds and draperies, but that would block the sunlight and wouldn’t allow them to see out of the windows. After doing some research online, Nadia found that window film would be her best option.

“I initially started my search on Google looking for a local company that does window tinting and came across Absolute Perfection. I noticed that they had great reviews from all the customers that had worked with them before,” Nadia said.

Why Tinting?

Nadia realized that window film could help with the heat and fading, while at the same time be optically invisible, ensuring that their dark floors wouldn’t fade over time. In addition to the obvious benefits of window film, Nadia was elated to find out that her heating and cooling costs would go down tremendously, ultimately paying for itself in the long run.

The quality of the film coincides with the results customers receive. When using high-performance films from Vista and LLumar, there’s potential for an average of 5% to 15% annual savings. For this specific project, we used Vista Spectrally Selective VS61, which is a lighter film that combats undesirable heat and UV. The film ended up working perfectly for Nadia as she didn’t want to limit the amount of light that entered her home.

Challenges & Installation

There weren’t many obstacles to work around as Nadia’s home was very open and organized. One factor we had to be cognizant about was the time of day we were going to be installing during.

The installation took place in the morning when the exposure of the sun was in the rear of the house. Initially, we installed the tint in the front of the house due to the southeast exposure and shifted to the back as the sun transitioned to the front.

As stated previously, the lighting is extremely important because too much direct sunlight could cause the film to cure too quickly and it wouldn’t be able to adhere to the window properly, causing peeling or bubbling of the film.

We installed window film on the entire ground floor windows, which was a huge task in itself. The windows were pretty large in comparison to standard double pain windows that most homes have.

Installer, Josh Spivey was forced to use a step ladder to reach the tops of the windows. The space was immaculate in terms of cleanliness and the amount of furniture we had to work around, making it a pretty simple installation.

Josh Spivey Window Film Installation


Overall, Nadia was very pleased with her window film installation, especially because of the energy saving benefits she received.

Nadia expressed her final opinion saying, “I judged the quality by looking at my windows and not being able to tell that anything had been done to them other than all of the great things that resulted from tinting them.” This further vindicated the positive impact that window tinting had on her home.

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