Hospital Installs Frosted Window Film to Reduce Costs and Protect Patients

We loving finding case studies about window film projects that deliver significant benefits. The Cleveland Clinic has just published an article about a frosted window film application that not only saved them money but also has the potential to improve health and safety at the hospital.

Seeking A Cost-Effective Solution

The Director of Nursing at their Florida location was looking for new ways to improve hygiene and prevent infection. Recent studies had found that hospital privacy curtains can become “rapidly contaminated” with bacteria. Any time hospital staff touch the curtains to enter or exit a room, they run the risk of carrying infection-causing pathogens into their interactions with their patients.

The Cleveland Clinic formed a committee to brainstorm solutions to this problem which included:

  • Converting to disposable curtains
  • Switching to partition screens or adding extra sets of curtains
  • Installing blinds, frosting the glass doors, or using frosted window film on the existing glass.

Blinds, Curtains, Etched Glass Prove Cost-Prohibitive or Impractical

Converting to disposable curtains, or using screens or curtains that would have to be cleaned was impractical, as they would need to be cleaned and switched out on a regular basis.

They also discovered that installing blinds would cost even more than the curtains and would still need to be disinfected.

Installing new frosted glass would have been a great solution to their problem, however, the cost would have been prohibitively high.

They then discovered, as so many window film customers do, that installing frosted window film on their glass solved the problem they were facing at a fraction of the cost of their other options.


Frosted Window Film Saves the Hospital “Tens of Thousands of Dollars Per Year”

The Director of Nursing said, “Removing all curtains and installing window film on the doors will save Cleveland Clinic tens of thousands of dollars per year on laundering and manpower.”

Image by Cleveland Clinic

Not only was frosted window film able to provide a huge cost saving to the hospital, it even has the potential to protect patients. That’s the kind of story that gets us excited about what we do.

The frosted film was able to be installed in just one day. And now that the curtains are no longer necessary, ambient light can now come through the door.

The nurses were so glad to be done with the curtains, not just because of their potential to spread infection, but also because of the disruption and labor necessary for changing and disinfecting the curtains.

Window Film Sets a New Standard For the Hospital

The Cleveland Clinic was so happy about the outcome of the installation that they already plan to install frosted window film on 48 new ICU rooms in July 2018, and consider this the new standard.

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Read the original article on the Cleveland Clinic’s website here.

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