How Do They Measure Window Tint?

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Let’s start with what is measured when it comes to window tint. Window tint is determined by the percentage of visible light which passes through the window, also known as visible light transmission (VLT). A lower VLT percentage indicates a lower amount of light able to transmit through the glass.

How Is VLT Calculated?

VLT is calculated using a specialized tint measurement tool. This tool is placed on either side of the window and measures the amount of visible light passing through. This calculation is typically given in a percentage where again the higher the number the more percent of visible light able to pass through.

What Percentage VLT is Factory Window Tint?

Most modern vehicles come with a preexisting privacy tint on the windows, usually around 75-85%. If you’re looking to purchase aftermarket window tint, be sure that you compensate for the preexisting tint in order to stay within your state’s legal limits.

What Do They Use to Measure Window Tint?

Tint meters are commonly used to measure window tint. There are two types: horseshoe tint meters and tint meters with magnetic probes. Both measure the percentage of VLT the same way, but horseshoe tint meters easily slide over the top of an open window, whereas tint meters with magnetic probes can be used on windows that cannot be opened, like the windshield and rear window. Tint meters work by shining light from one sensor to the other through the window. As the beam of light is intercepted by the window, the receiving sensor measures the amount of light that passes through and gives the VLT as a percentage.

Where Can I Get My Window Tint Measured?

Unsure of the VLT on your vehicle’s windows? Bring your car to your local window tint company and they will most likely be able to measure it for you. It’s probably best to call ahead. If this isn’t an option, your local police department should be able to tell you the VLT so you can ensure you are withing state limits.

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