How Long Does Window Tint Last?

how long does window tint last

How long will my tint last? When deciding to invest in tint for your home or vehicle, the lifespan of the different products is an important factor. Window tint can effectively last anywhere from one to ten years. This drastic range in lifespan is dependent on the brand and product you select, the quality of the installation, and how well it is cared for.

Economical Window Film Options

The more economical window film options last anywhere from one to five years. Commonly, dyed and metalized window films fall into this category. The important thing to note is that we are not talking about the high-end FormulaOne window tint you can only purchase through a certified installer. We’re talking about films you might find at a local department store or online through Amazon. 

The Problem with Low Quality Films

The main problem that exists with low quality films is… quality. These films cost less because the processes, materials used, and overall protection are substandard. The film itself isn’t engineered to meet a certain level of quality or longevity—it’s engineered to meet a low price point.

Higher Quality Films  

Investing in a high quality window film from a reputable brand will make a substantial difference in the lifetime of your tint. Quality window films are very durable against the sun’s damaging rays and can last more than a decade—often the lifespan of a vehicle. At AP Tinting, we give lifetime warranties on many of our automotive window tint products, so you can rest assured your tint is well worth the investment. 


A DIY window tint installation undoubtedly saves money upfront. It also leads to the need for faster replacement. Something as simple as small dirt particles getting trapped under the film could lead to problems after application. Ideally, window film should be installed by an experienced professional who is willing to back up their work with warranties. Similarly, the installation should be in a controlled environment with clean air, proper temperature, and no contaminants. 

Proper Care 

Even high quality window films require proper care. Follow your tint installer’s recommendations for how long to wait before touching, cleaning, and rolling down newly tinted windows. Use gentle cleaning solutions and tools, and inform vehicle detailers or anyone who cleans your windows which products are safe to use. Check out our more extensive window film care guide for how to maximize the life of your window film.  

Not sure what tint product is right for your needs? As the leading window film company servicing the Maryland, DC, Virginia area, AP Corp can help you figure out the best film for your project! Our team has the experience and industry certifications to ensure you get the right fit for your vehicle, home, or business. 

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