How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill in 2021

Saving money on energy bills is going to be an even bigger topic in 2021. Why? COVID has led to many more people working from home. With more people at home all day, there are less people who are setting their thermostat to a lower temperature while they are gone.

How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill in 2021

Home Office on the Top Floor

Does your home office feel a little cold? Then move your office to the top floor! Not only will you be able to tell everyone that you work on the top floor of your building, but you’ll feel warmer too! The simple fact that hot air rises means being on the top floor you’ll be feeling a couple degrees warmer.

Door Sweeps

In addition to windows, another major contributor to a home’s leaky exterior are its doors. If you can see any light underneath your door, you need a new door sweep. If this is something you want or need, do a quick search online for door draft stopper or door sweep and you’re sure to find a good fit.

Window Caulk

One of the biggest culprits to heat loss are your windows. Take a moment to check each of your home’s windows and seal any gaps around your windows with caulk. This will not only reduce heat loss, but also eliminate access points for water damage, bugs, rodents, etc.

Dress Warmer

Reduce your dependence on your heat by dressing a little warmer. Socks, slippers, maybe a sweater. Just a little bit extra on during the day can help you reduce your temperature by even 1 degree. Every little bit counts! In fact, according to for every degree you turn down your thermostat you will see a 3% savings on your heating bill!

Window Films

Not only the spaces around your windows, but the glass itself can lead to massive energy loss. This window heat loss can be mitigated with energy saving window film. Window film adds a layer of insulation to your existing windows which effectively prevents heat loss through your windows.

So, while our Baltimore, MD home window tinting is commonly thought of to reduce heat, the truth is it prevents heat from passing through the window.

ways to reduce Your Energy Bill in 2021

Add Insulation in your Attic.

Your attic’s insulation is often something you can improve upon. It will be difficult to determine what the current R-value of your attic is, but the insulation which is currently there could have markings. Use this ideal attic R-value chart to see the target R-value for an attic in your state. Or hire a local insulation company to perform an audit for you and provide recommendations.

Cook at Home.

Use your oven more often during the winter to take advantage of the radiant heat it puts off. Not only will this help you save on your energy bills, but it’ll also help you spend less on carry-out and delivery food.

Replace your HVAC Filter.

Your home’s HVAC system uses a filter to keep the air free of particles. When that filter gets too full of dust and other particles your HVAC has a harder time pushing air through the filter. So, change out your filter at the start of winter so your HVAC system can run more efficiently.

ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bill in 2021

Programmable Thermostat

Install a programmable thermostat! Most people set their thermostat to lower temperatures during the day (while at work) and overnight. Many of these smart thermostats recommend setting it to 63°F during the time you are normally sleeping for maximum energy savings.

Space Heaters

If you only need one room to be warmer, why not get a small space heater? A space heater will let you keep your home’s thermostat set lower during the day, while you supplement your heat with the heater.

Change the Direction of your Ceiling Fans.

Ceiling fans have a switch on the side. Have you seen this before? This switch changes the direction that the fan blades spin; you want to push air down in the winter and pull it up in the summer. The easiest way to tell if your fan is spinning the correct direction is to turn it on low—you want it to spin clockwise in the winter.

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