How Window Tinting Actually Pays for Itself

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A large part of any buying process involves the cost of the thing. So when evaluating window tinting, one question will always be, is window tinting really worth the cost? Well the truth is, window tinting actually pays for itself over time! Let us elaborate.

Here are a few ways window tinting can actually pay for itself:

  1. Energy Savings – Heat rejecting window films can reduce heat by up to 75%! This heat reducing window film minimizes the use of your A/C system which means major energy bill savings.
  2. Improves Comfort – Reducing heat in the building also improves your employees’ comfort. An improvement in interior comfort also ultimately results in more productivity and higher profits. Ultimately, the money saved on energy bills and the increased profits as a result of window tinting will surpass the initial cost of the film over time.
  3. Enhances Style – Window film is attractive and draws the eye. For a business owner, this could mean more customers. The exterior of your work-space is the first thing a customer sees. Set the right tone with a welcoming, commanding window graphic.
  4. Blocks UV Rays – One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Millions are impacted by cataracts and even more experience premature aging and other skin damage. Window film provides a 24-hour barrier against harmful UV rays; protecting furniture, flooring, interiors, and most importantly, your employees. Protecting your employees from harmful UV rays improves their health, which means better work and higher performance rates.
  5. Minimizes Glare – Although bright sunlight creates a picturesque landscape, the sun glare can be damaging to health and can leave spaces unusable. With eyestrain being one of the most common effects of overexposure to sun glare, window film can minimize this hazard and create a more comfortable and safe workplace for your employees. With increased levels of comfort, and better overall well-being, your employees are more productive and satisfied, which could dramatically improve profit margins.
  6. Improves Security – Life is unpredictable. Break-ins, vandalism, severe weather, and accidents are a part of everyday life. Security window film provides protection for your building and the people inside and costs significantly less than the costs of window replacement. This film improves your building’s security and saves you the costly expense of window replacement.

If you’re still evaluating whether window tinting is worth the expense, give us a call today! We can help you in evaluating your current situation and develop a proper solution for your window film needs.

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