Improving Security at a Place of Worship 

More and more in today’s world, places of worship must improve their security. This can be achieved in a variety of ways from training, physical barriers, action plans, and more! In this article, we talk through some of the simple ways a place of worship, be it a church, synagogue, mosque, etc., can improve its security and protect its congregation. 

Develop a Plan 

A lot of the risk with security is improper planning in the time of a threat. If a threat arises, whether it be a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, a proper plan in place will make a huge difference. Make sure everyone knows of the different exits available in the event of an emergency as this will save lives. 

Conduct Training 

There are many organizations and services who offer safety training programs. Find a training program which fits your needs and budget. Then have all your church staff participate in this training. Training can include how to spot a dangerous threat, what to do in the event of a threat, online security, and much more. 

Separate Public and Private Wi-Fi 

If you offer public Wi-Fi, it is best to have a trained IT professional help you lock down your administrative computers using a separatesecure Wi-Fi. This will allow your community to use the public Wi-Fi without granting any unwanted access to the church’s administrative Wi-Fi network. 

Reinforce Entry Points 

In the event of forced entry, you will want doors and windows which can take a beating and delay entryOften this means stronger windows and doors. If you have glass doors or windows, installing something like a security window film will reinforce the glass. This security window film reinforces the glass so that when hit it won’t shatter and consequently it takes minutes to break through.  

See the video below for a product demonstration on security window film.  

Assign Members for a Patrol 

During active services will be when your congregation will be most vulnerable. Many churches will assign a member of the congregation to patrol their grounds and simply sit watch while everyone else is behind closed doors. Commonly, this person will have a walkie talkie they use to communicate with ushers and day-care staff in the event of a threat. 

Install a Security System 

During offhours, you still need a way to improve security at your church, synagogue, mosque, etc. A security system can provide you with a variety of options from simple window sensors to video surveillance of your entire church grounds. Know your budget and your needs and this will be a great improvement to the security of your place of worship. 

Keyless Entry 

If your church is open 24/7, a keyless entry system will be a great security measure. This will ensure anyone who comes and goes is counted and meant to be there. This is mostly used in the back-office areas of the church grounds where donations and other church valuables are kept. Remember to conduct frequent audits of who has access to this system. 

For more information on improving security at your church, synagogue, mosque, etc. get in touch with AP Corp today. At AP Corp we have extensive experience in securing windows with security window film in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and nationwide. Ready to schedule a consultation to discuss your windows? Give us a call today! 

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