Ways to Increase the Security of my Building’s Windows

increase security of my building's windows with security window film

Windows add positive aesthetic effects to a property. But those same windows can also be a vulnerable point of access for intruders unless secured properly. Glass windows are stylish, add ventilation, and allow wanted natural light into a building. You can enjoy these benefits along with an added layer of security.

Neglecting to properly secure your windows could result in major losses. So to help, here are a few ways to increase the security of your building’s windows:

1. Contact Alarms and Sensors

Contact alarms are a ideal for windows at risk of being forced open. These alarms will trigger if a window is opened. Unfortunately, this device can’t detect if the window has been broken, only opened. Combat this with the use of a glass break sensor.

2. Glass Break Alarms and Sensors

A glass break alarm triggers at the sound of breaking glass. This means that, when set, this device listens for the very specific sound break glass makes, so whether it is a front door, or a side window, you will be covered. Much like #1, it will not work if the door or window is forced open, so combine this tactic with a contact alarm and sensor.

3. Infrared Cameras

Video evidence will be invaluable. Aim infrared cameras at high-risk windows and they will begin recording when motion is detected. In addition, you could even sync the camera with a contact or glass break sensor for a more faultless system.

4. Metal Bars

Metal barriers such as wire mesh or a cage are extremely effective. The physical strength of these metal window bars ensures intruders will have a hard time. The major downside to metal bars on your building’s windows is they advertise there is a security problem. This look just puts a bad taste in your prospective customer’s mouth.

5. Security Window Film

Looking for a security option which improves the look of your building? Security window film is your best best! These types of window security enhancements hold the window together in the event of it being broken. So, while a window film won’t prevent the window from being broken, security window films prevent windows from shattering into a thousand pieces. This effectively slows down intruders and makes their break-in very loud and obvious—giving the police ample time to arrive and detain the intruder. Check out the short video below to see security window film in action.

For more information on improving the security of your building, get in touch with AP Tinting, today. At AP Tinting, we are your window film specialists. We understand the importance of custom-tailored window film solutions at an affordable price. So whether you’re looking for a security window film or maybe commercial glass tinting, AP Tinting can help!

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