JHU Rec Center Window Tinting Case Study

Absolute Perfection Window Tinting recently assisted the Sustainable Hopkins Infrastructure Program (SHIP) in another project to reduce the energy costs in Johns Hopkins University buildings. After our first project at the Levering Hall Glass Pavilion was successful, Absolute Perfection went forward in tinting the Ralph S. O Connor Recreational Center. Although the HVAC system is only 12 years old, it was unable to keep up with the heat gain from exercise equipment and large groups of people.

Testing Energy Solutions

Bill Harrington, Director of Recreation and Senior Associate Director of Athletics, tried all kinds of solutions such as blinds and 95% sun-block shades, but nothing really helped. “On a typical day, it could be 85 degrees in my office,” but after we applied the window film in the offices, Ed Kirk noted that the results were immediate.

“As soon as the window film was put on the windows in the offices of the rec center, the results were immediate – within the first day after the installation, the results were known and obvious and that’s really, really rare in an energy project – to get it to work the first day.”

-Ed Kirk, Energy Manager – Office of Sustainability at JHU

How Much Do YOU Know About Window Film?

On a building with 12 and 16 foot windows, the impact of a window film implementation can be immediate. Energy costs represent about 30% of a typical buildings annual budget and is the single largest operating cost, but window film has the ability to block solar energy and save you up to 15% of annual energy costs. After factoring in your commercial window film rebates, the savings are outstanding. With a rapid return on investment and an immediate impact, window film is quickly becoming an energy saving must-have.

Infrastructure Solutions

At JHU, SHIP’s mission is to identify infrastructure problems within the Johns Hopkins campus and, working with JHU faculty and staff, design and propose sustainable solutions. Not knowing much about window film, SHIP and the Office of Sustainability relied on Absolute Perfection to give them the information and support they needed to improve sustainability at JHU. The partnership resulted in amazing results – energy efficiency projects that will pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time.

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