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LLumar FormulaOne COMFORT Series

The FormulaOne Comfort Series is the popular choice among drivers who want the classic look, but who also want a major step up in performance characteristics that go beyond just color.

Style, Protection & Affordability

With a unique metal alloy bonded to a special dyed layer, the Comfort Series gives you higher heat rejection than conventional dyed films and additional color options. Plus, the sputtered metal/dye construction of these films is impervious to fading, which means the Comfort Series has even greater color stability for a lasting look.

Reduced heat and glare means less strain on your air conditioning and a more comfortable ride. And, with several color options to choose from, you can give your vehicle just the look you want. Keep cool. Save fuel. Who wouldn’t be comfortable with that?

LLumar FormulaOne COMFORT Series comes with a Lifetime Nationwide Transferable Warranty and is available in 5%, 15%, 30%, and 40%. We also carry FormulaOne Classic, and you could upgrade to our most High Performance auto film, FormulaOne Pinnacle.

Once in a Lifetime Protection

We’ll make you the promise of a lifetime! With FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tint®, we’ll safeguard the automotive film that clearly outsmarts the sun, with the only warranty equipped to do it: The FormulaOne National Manufacturer’s Warranty Program. It’s protection for life. Nothing less.

So, while the ultimate automotive film on the market today is clearly helping to protect you and your family from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, intense heat and glare as well as potential injury from flying glass, take comfort in our ultimate warranty – The FormulaOne National Manufacturer’s Warranty! It’s the best protection around.

Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation

Absolute Perfection only uses the highest quality films, meaning we use window film brands that are backed by the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation is granted to sun protection products that have been reviewed by and meet the specific criteria of an independent Photobiology Committee.

The Seal is a symbol of safe and effective sun protection that is recognized by consumers worldwide. Join the revolution of UV Ray protection and get your windows tinted today!

Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended Use

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