Make Sure You Know These Maryland Tint Laws

Maryland Car Tint Laws

Before you have your windows tinted it’s essential that you know the Maryland tint laws, because having the wrong tint on your vehicle can result in a costly ticket from the police and an even costlier bill to remove or replace the illegal tinting. So what should you know about window tint laws in Maryland?

Maryland tint laws
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What Are The Tint Laws in Maryland?

For cars, all side and rear windows must have a visible light transmission (VLT) of at least 35%. In other words, side and rear windows are legally required to allow at least 35% of outside light into the car. When it comes to trucks, SUVs and vans this 35% requirement only applies to the front side windows. There are no VLT restrictions for the rear windshield and the other side windows.

Other than this important difference, Maryland window tint laws are the same for cars, trucks and vans. According to Maryland tint laws:

  • Only the top 5 inches of a front windshield may be tinted.
  • A vehicle’s tint may not have a metallic or mirrored appearance.
  • Each tinted window must have a sticker between the window and the film to identify it as meeting the legal VLT requirement.
  • Red and amber tinting are not permitted.
  • You must have dual side mirrors if your rear windshield is tinted.
Vehicle TypeWindshieldFront SidesRear SidesRear Windshield
PassengerNo Tint Below AS1 Permitted35% net VLT35% net VLT35% net VLT (cannot cover brake light)
Truck, SUV, & VanNo Tint Below AS1 Permitted35% net VLTNo restrictionNo restriction
LimousinesNo Tint Below AS1 PermittedFactory OnlyNo restrictionNo restriction
Commercial VehiclesNo Tint Below AS1 Permitted70% net VLTNo restrictionNo restriction

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