Window Counting & Measurement

What to Know About Counting and Measuring Windows

Interested in installing new window film at your home? The first step is measuring the dimensions of your current windows. While this may seem like a simple task, there are a few things to consider when it comes to measuring your window.

double hung vs french pane window

Tinting Estimation Process

First, let’s take a look at the overall installation process. This should help in understanding the importance of an accurate measurement of the window size.


counting double hung windows

What is a Double Hung Window?

Double hung windows are some of the more common windows found in homes. Typically, these are the windows found in bedrooms above the ground floor in homes. But if you want to identify if you have a double hung window it looks like the photo shown here. One window sits above the other window, and is held in place with a locking mechanism between the two windows.

How to Measure a Double Hung Window

To measure a double hung window, you will want to set your measuring tap on the inside of the window panes. Effectively, you are measuring the glass in its entirety. From edge to edge as far as you can until you hit the window frames.

measuring double hung windows


How to Count French Pane Windows

A common question about french pane windows is what window do you count? The answer revolves around whether the window frames sit in between, or on top of, the panes of glass. Put differently, if the window film needs to be a single piece or many, tiny, cut pieces of film. This difference greatly affects the amount of time it takes to install the film as well as how the film is cut.

counting french pane windows
measuring french pane windows

How Do I Measure French Pane Windows?

In measuring your french pane window, you will either measure each small pane of glass or the whole glass. Again, this answer depends on whether the window frames rest on the inside or outside of the two panes of glass. If the window frames are on the inside, you would measure the entire window up under the large outer frame. If your frames are on the exterior of the glass, you will need to measure one of the small, individual panes of glass and then multiply by how many windows.

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