Money Saving Benefits of Commercial Window Tint


Researching if commercial window tint is the right fit for your business in Maryland, DC, or VA? The major factors which go into evaluating window tint for a business are different than evaluating tint for a home or car. While making something look cool is a neat benefit, it doesn’t lead to cost savings or increased sales. So, here are the actual money saving benefits of commercial window tint.

Save Money on HVAC Costs

Instead of policing the thermostat in the summer, we have a better idea: heat control window film. Heat control window film actively filters out infrared radiation from sunlight—this is the part of the sun’s light which causes heat. This means more usable space by eliminating ‘hot spots’ throughout your building while also reducing the strain on your HVAC system to keep your air cool.

This same window film also better insulates your interior so your HVAC can better regulate the air. What this means is the air temperature will stay cooler for longer in the summer and warmer for longer in the winter.

Reduce Color Fading on Furnishings and Floors

Ultraviolet light, aka UV rays, from the sun causes surfaces to lose their color over time. With a UV-ray blocking window film, you’re not only keeping your employees and customers safe from skin cancer, but also improving the lifespan of your floors and furnishings!

Increase the Productivity of your Employees

Productivity plummets when working becomes uncomfortable. The sun causes many uncomfortable situations, from the windowed offices getting too hot during the middle of the day, to computer screens being unreadable due to sun glare. Being able to effectively eliminate sun glare as well as uncomfortable temperatures will help you see a significant boost to productivity.


Make Your Employees Happier

Along the same lines as increasing productivity, making your employees happier will help to improve your bottom line. When employees are happier, their conversations about your business will also be happier. Not only will this help see a boost in overall sales, but other aspects of your business—like vendor relations, recruitment, and turnover rate—will see improvements as well.

Improved Privacy for Risk Reduction

Window films also let you add a layer of privacy to your building’s windows. While this is more commonly seen as a comfort thing, privacy is also about reducing risk. Reducing the risk of sensitive information being seen by prying eyes lead can lead to a lot of money savings simply be preventing and legal issues.

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