KDX Anti Glare Rear View Mirror Kit


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Improve your safety on the road by blocking out annoying—and dangerous—headlight glare.  KDX anti-glare mirror films work perfectly for the rearview mirrors in a vehicle by cutting down the glare created by headlights.

36 in stock

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Reduce nighttime headlight glare with KDX’s new anti-glare mirror film. This film effectively filters out reflective glare from your sideview and rearview mirrors. This means you will no longer be blinded by high-beam headlights reflecting off your mirrors and into your eyes at night.

  • Thickness: 2 mil
  • Easy to install
  • Free Shipping

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2 Exterior Rearview Mirror films at 200 mm × 260 mm each.
1 Interior Rearview Mirror film at 100 mm × 260 mm.

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