Staying Protected from UV Rays During Fall and Winter

fall winter window tint

Did you know that your house is at a higher risk of sun damage during the months leading into winter?

Using Huper Optick Ceramic Series Window Film can be the most efficient solution of taking preventive measures to protect your home from UV damage.

Prepare for the Sun’s Position Change

As Winter swiftly approaches you need to prepare and educate yourself on what the impending change of the suns position will do to not only you, but your house. It is assumed that as soon as the temperature drops and the leaves begin to turn color and fall sun damage lessens. This is a myth. In fact the change in position of the sun increases the amount of damaging UV rays and glare that will come into your house.

Why Your House is at Risk of UV Damage

In the Northern Hemisphere we are closest to the sun during the Winter months specifically early January. The sun drops and is lower in the sky due to the Earth’s relative position to the sun. Consequently, the sun is level with your windows, and could be shinning 10-15 feet in your house. With this much exposure from the sun it is casting mostly damaging UV Rays and Glare as well as some warmth. All of these factors can create long lasting damage to not only you, but your house.

Best Solution to Increase of UV Damage: Huper Optik Ceramic Series

Our solution, Huper-Optik Residential Window Tint, is the most popular winter-time tint. This innovative film is the first and only patented Nano-Ceramic Window Film. This Nano-Ceramic coating has a molecular ceramic 3D structure, which ensures and certifies the highest protection coverings endurance. This window film also has spectrally selective technology: a tinted or coated glazing that has solar and optical properties varying across the solar spectrum. Due to this property this window film can reject up to 70% of total solar energy and reduce the effects of fading by blocking 99% of UV rays with no discoloration.

Stay educated and prepared, so you can be protected all year round.

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