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RV & Boat Tinting

Reduce Heat & Save on Fuel

RV or Boat window tinting will reduce as much as 75% of heat-gain in your vessel and even out the hotspots that your A/C system may not. Save electricity and fuel while extending the life of the equipment.

Increase Privacy

RV or Boating window tinting provides privacy for the mariner and crew. Film is perfect when curtains or blinds are not possible or desired, and offers privacy for your guests and possessions on your boat.

Reduce Glare

Film protects against dangerous glare from the water that can impair your vision. This helps to reduce fatigue, providing comfort for the captain and guests.

Improve the Look

Adding film will enhance the look of your RV or Boat both inside and out. It will also add resale value! Choose from a variety of shades offering various light transmission levels – available in High Performance Nano Ceramic Films and high performance metallized films.

We Can Come to You!

We can travel to your home to tint your Boat or RV, and can also travel to Marinas where your boat is being held. Tinting of you boat or RV can also be done at our location!

Marinas We Frequent

Annapolis Maryland Capital Yacht Club in Chesapeake Landing
Herrington Harbour North in Tracys Landing, Maryland
Mears Point Marina in Grasonville, Maryland
Pier 7 Marina in Edge Water, Maryland
Port Annapolis Marina in Annapolis, Maryland
Sarles Boatyard and Marina in Annapolis, Maryland
Sunset Harbor Marina in Essex, Maryland
Town Point Marina in Traceys Landing, Maryland
L.J. Marina in Annapolis, Maryland
Lippincott Marine in Grasonville, Maryland

Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation

On the water and on the road, your skin is in danger. Protect your skin from harmful UV Rays with window film recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Only the highest quality films are backed by the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation is granted to sun protection products that have been reviewed by and meet the specific criteria of an independent Photobiology Committee. At Absolute Perfection, we use window film with the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. Join the revolution of window film and start protecting your skin today!

Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended Use

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