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Add a Layer of Safety and Security to the Glass at Your School.

Window Films Designed to School Boost Safety

The Department of Justice and the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) are offering grants as part of the School Violence Prevention Program. These grants are designed to help schools improve the safety and security of the student, teachers, and staff. One of the most effective and discreet ways a school can increase safety is by using security window film.  These powerful films can hold off even the most persistent intruders and trespassers.

Along with this program, there are numerous other federal and state grants to help increase security in private and public schools. Our dedicated will take you through the entire process, from applying for the grant to installation on your schedule.  We are committed to providing you with the toughest security window films on the market and improving your school’s defenses.

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Every Second Counts

Creates More Time for Authorities to Arrive – School security window films drastically slow down criminals. What would normally take seconds to break through a glass window now takes minutes. This is more than enough time for school administration to call authorities and lockdown the school. Below is an example of the durability of security window films.

Bomb Blasts Turn Glass into Projectiles – Another major improvement with a security window film is that it encapsulates a window. So, if a glass window were to shatter, like in the event of a bomb blast, the glass shards wouldn’t turn into 1,000 projectiles. The window still shatters, but the window film holds all those shattered pieces in place.

Protection & Privacy

School Security Window Film Deters Entry – When someone is trying to commit a smash and grab, or a forced entry assault, simply deterring entry can be enough to halt the crime. Window films turn an easily breakable glass window into a hyper-flexible, almost impenetrable physical barrier. This is usually enough of a deterrent for all but the worst of criminals.

Security Window Films Add Privacy as Well – When coupled with 1-way mirror film, security window films can provide an amazing level of privacy for schools. These applications allow those inside the school to see out, but do not allow someone to see in. Frosted window films are also commonly used in interior glass applications which can also have security film installed in tandem.

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Llumar LogoYour LLumar Select Pro and Panorama films are extensively tested for optimal performance, meeting numerous certifications and test standards worldwide.  They also include 15-year Commercial Warranty and 5-year thermal stress breakage warranty.

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3M safety and security films turn your window into a robust shield capable of withstanding forced entry, earthquakes, and even bomb blasts.  They come with a commercial warranty up to 15 years.

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Superior Attachment System

Many other factors will go into the effectiveness of safety and security film.   This includes the installation of the film. Caulk or Dow essentially attaches your film to your window, and then your window to your frame, further protecting against crime. We take every step to ensure the safety of your teachers and students.

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